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XCelsius 2008 is not backward compatible with ver 4.5

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I tried opening a project that was done with ver 4.5 but it just said that "Crystal Xcelsius is unable to load this file. This file may be corrupt or may have features that cannot be supported by this version of Crystal Xcelsius." So i guess I probably have to recreate the project in the 2008 version to take advantage of the new features available. So I imported the excel datasheet used in the old project to a new project in Xcelsius 2008 and tried recreating the objects from scratch. I had started with an accordion menu and two list boxes and then I decided to export to swf to test. However, the result was disappointing. I could only see the two list boxes but not the accordion menu. There was a message saying "Initializing..." that stayed. Does this mean I have to recreate the excel data from scratch as well?
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X2008 is backward compatible with CX4.5.  But Jim is correct. There is a bug in X2008 which prevents it from opening some 4.5 models by double-clicking on the filename.  They can be opened from the File > Open menu.  This only affects opening the model.Due to the many changes between CX4.5 and X2008, the migration of old CX4.5 models is not clean.  Differences will be seen.  Most are cosmetic affecting only the look of the model.  But some tidy up, color changes and re-alignment work must be done.   There was no way to gain the benefits of X2008 and still keep CX4.5 models unchanged.Andy  
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