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Workflow with two machines

Just wondering how people out there manage working from two machines. I have an MBA that I take on the road and use when I'm sick of my office and want a change of scenery. And, I work on an iMac at my home office.
I'm new to Aperture, and am wondering how people work between a laptop and desktop. How do you sync up files? My MBA hard drive is obviously small, so I'd like to just just keep some core photos on it or maybe even just my most recent photos to work with along with a few older albums.
Any suggestions or techniques for workflow and syncing between machines?
Although various user workarounds exist, the issue of synching your laptop Library with your desktop Library has not (yet) been addressed by Apple. IMO Apple's failure (still) to address this key issue is a travesty; Apple's single-user Filemaker has had that capability since the 1980's.
I suggest going to "Provide Aperture Feedback" under the Aperture menu and requesting that Apple provide single-user synch capabilities for two Libraries (such as the laptop/desktop setups that you and I both have). Note that it is important to specify single-user, two-Libraries, because multi-user scenarios are entirely different solutions that - unlike single user solutions - are usually very complex and expensive.
Laptop drives are now available with up to 500 GB capacity, so you may want to consider upgrading the size of your internal laptop drive and using the removed stock drive for backup in an external case. In addition to added speed, the extra internal drive space can allow temporary internal storage of Referenced Masters while in the field if that is desired; or for help with whatever workaround Library-synch methodology is chosen.
Some workarounds include
• Exporting total projects that include Masters from your laptop Aperture for usage on your desktop Aperture.
• Keeping a single Aperture Library on a large external hard drive, and moving the external hard drive among computers. Obviously not ideal for portability, and substantial slowdown usually occurs because in most cases connection is by some method much slower than SATA. New Macbooks with their limitation to only USB are the worst.
I ask that Aperture users with two Macs go to "Provide Aperture Feedback" under the Aperture menu and advise Apple of our need for single-user synch of two Libraries.
-Allen Wicks
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