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Hello. I made this code for a school assignment. I need some help with it. Its a method called wordWrap that accepts a Scanner representing an input file as it parameter and outputs each of the file to the console, word wrapping all lines that are longer than 60 characters. So if a line contains 112 characters it prints two lines to the console, the first with 60 characters and the second with 52 characters. If 217 characters, 4 lines of 60 and the final line lenght 37 etc. So far so good, the code does this. But I want the method to work so it also outputs the newly wrapped text back into the original file. It will also do this. But only when i run it the first time. The second time and so on, it only outputs the last line back to the original file.
Can anyone explain me why it only outputs the last line back to the original file, and maybe how to change the code so it will output the hole original text back into the original file.
/*the code
doesn't work when inputFile is formatted the same as console output
then it only prints out a couple of words to the inputFile
needs a input file named inputFile.txt with some text in it. The file should be in the same dictionary as the .java file
import java.io.*;
import java.util.*;
public class Ch6ex3
public static final int lines = 60;
public static void main(String[] args) throws FileNotFoundException
public static void wordWrap(String inputFile) throws FileNotFoundException
String word="";
String word2="";
String remainWords ="";
String remainWords2 ="";
File f = new File(inputFile);
Scanner input = new Scanner(f);
while (input.hasNextLine())
word = input.nextLine();
word2 = word;
while (word.length() > lines)
String first60 = word.substring(0, lines);
word = word.substring(lines);
//variable that saves the remaining
remainWords = remainWords + word;
//prints the remaining when word is less than 60 char.
//outputs the newly wrapped text back into the original file
          PrintStream out = new PrintStream(f);
               while (word2.length() > lines)
     String second60 = word2.substring(0, lines);
     word2 = word2.substring(lines);
     //variable that saves the remaining
     remainWords2 = remainWords2 + word2;
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