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Will third party software called "Bug me" and "YAPS" work on the Centro?

I am currently a Tungsten E2 user. I am considering buying a Palm Centro and want to know if the third party programs "Bugme" and "YAPS" work on the new Centro that is offered by Verizon? Secondly does the Centro have the ability to "tap" in letters off the touch screen as the Tungsten can or do I need to push the very tiny buttons on the front of the phone?
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Any 3rd party applications that are designed to work on the Palm OS 5.4.9 should work on the Centro.
The Graffiti writing utility is not included on the Centro.
You can check out the user guide for the Centro on the Palm.com website. Go to Palm.com, hover the mouse over the support and downloads link at the top. Select Knowledge Library and on the bottom of the page is a box for solution ID. Enter 20198 and you will get the list of the manuals available. Select the Centro link and you can read all about the Centro and how to setup and use the phone.
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