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Why don't I get any slideshow in elements 13?

If I choose several photos and then press the slideshow button at the bottom of organizer, nothing happens.   If I choose several photos and then go to CREATE - SLideshow  the program offers a series of theme.   Once I choose on of the theme and continue..... NOTHING happens
Can you please try the first solution mentioned at :- http://helpx.adobe.com/elements-organizer/kb/organizer-video-playback-errors-issues.html and see if the issue goes away?
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How do I add more songs to my slideshows in elements 11?Welcome to the forum. However, this is the Photoshop>General Discussions forum, and does not cover either Elements program, Premiere Elements, or Photoshop Elements, or their Elements Organizer.
I am creating a slideshow with elements using photos and videos but the video sound doesnt play? Hello jive      I am playing it back in the slideshow editor/setting up part of programme where you determine photos/video to be included gaps between sl
Hi When I run a slideshow from Elements 9, the "View/Edit/Organisein Full screen" option, quite a few of the pictures appear "broken" and a "broken" type icon appears.  It seems to get worse after that. I'm showing an album o
What is the procedure to get music from itunes into a slideshow in elements 10?If your music is in iTunes own format, you'll need to convert it first. Elements works best with .wav files. Here is the Apple article on making conversions: iTunes: How t
I created a slideshow in Elements 13 and tried to create a DVD of it.  When it went to import to Premier Elements, I got an error message that the file couldn't be imported because I lacked the required codec .  I am working on an iMac 14, OS X 10.9.
I am tring to create a slideshow in Elements 10 Organiser, however the is no "slideshow" tab to select in the create options list, can anybody help please?Hi Domnic and Barbara, thank you so much for your help and replies. Yes, I'm using a Mac w
I created a slideshow in Elements 12 and burned a DVD in Premiere 12. Why was the orientation of some of some of my slides rotated 90 degrees?Rick Have you looked at Delete and Close Gap as well as Delete for what you describe? Nonetheless, adding or
I downloaded a mp3 track. Tried to add it to audeo in a slideshow of Elements. Told your system doesn't have tshes required compresser/decompresser (codec) installed. How do I install that? Reply to [email protected] . NormIf you want to process thos
I cannot get Slideshow to operate on Elements 8. I select three photos as a trial and as soon as I click on Create and then Slideshow , Elements closes down completely. has anyone else had this problem? Any ideas? Thank you.This symptom at the very b
panels frozen; create doesn't show slideshow as an option. help!The slideshow editor is Windows Only. You can use the Share tab to turn an album into an on-line album using one of the provided templates. If you save to your hard drive, you can go to
Hi- I apologize if this sounds like a really dumb question. I am working on trying to make a pdf slideshow in photoshop elements 6 ( on a IMAC) After I have created the file and saved it as a pdf I close it and then try to reopen the file but it only
Hi, I am using Adobe Elements 10 (recently purchased) and want to edit slides insitu in a slideshow. According to the help information it is possible to 'rotate', 'auto smart fix', 'auto red eye fix' and also click a 'More Editing' box to edit the sl
Upgraded to Photoshop/Premiere Elements 13 and when I try to open slide shows created in Elements 11 and edit them I get a message "Please select some media." Slideshows still open and work in Elements 11.  ThanksNo, the slideshow is completely
Using a Mac 10.9.5 os and Elements 13. I have a catalog of photos from a trip, divided into albums by day. When I select one for a slideshow, at least one photo from a different album appears. It is not in the group of photos selected. Sometimes it i
Hello I have a 20-minute clip which looks reasonable. I then have a related 20 still images which I would like to include maybe after the movie, but I don't really want to simply add them one after another. I was thinking more of a slideshow (not sur
1. The video quality of the result is inferior to that of the original photos as shown in the Organizer. 2. The Slideshow CD does not play in my Panosonic DVD player. It displays "unsupported."  However, even if it worked, the video quality make
Hello. Tech notes say MP4 is supported but when I try to add music to a slideshow seems all it looks for is MP3. All the songs in my iTunes are MPEG-4. Any ideas or must I convert back to MP3? Thanks MarkiTunes tracks are protected by DRM to prevent
How do I join together separate Elements 12 slideshows into a single intergrated slideshow??Not sure hat you mean. If you've copied image A and paste it into image B it comes in on it's own layer. Flatten image is the last option on the Layer menu, a
I was able to successfully add ONE song to my slideshow, but when I try to add another song the program just shuts down completely.  Please help!!!Elements 6.  (Looking to upgrade to either Elements 8 or CS5).  Anyway, I somehow got one song on there
Upgraded to Elements 11 from Elements 9 Running Windows 7 I am doing a slideshow and would like to add audio from my itunes library.  When I click to add audio and browse my itunes library, nothing shows after I click on the album. In an older versio