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Why can't I Activate My PSE 13 Download/Install #0214212852

This is the 3rd day (2 previous days on the chat line) that I have asked for help but have not received it. I have talked on the chat line and was finally advised to uninstall the trial version, PSE 12 and PSE 13. I think I finally got a good install but I now cannot get the program activated. Is there a way to obtain the program on disc so that I can get on with my work? 
This is almost the end of the 2nd week and I am still unable to activate my PSE 13 program. Today I have started chats with 3 techs but there must be a transmission problem somewhere on the line because the techs cannot maintain the transmission long enough to help me. My download install was successful. However, after I "signin" and get the license agreement "accept" screen, the program seems to stop. The download I purchased was supposed to be an "upgrade". Is there anyone in the Adobe establishment that can help me? 
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