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Which is better for physical therapy graduate student, a MacBook air or MacBook pro?

Which is better for a physical therapy graduate student, a MacBook air or MacBook pro?
Macbook Air
I cannot see you using strenuous applications to help you with a Physical Therapy Degree.
Have a think of whether you want an 11" or 13".
I'd recommend the 13" because although the 11" is perfect for taking notes in class etc.; when it comes to performing as a desktop and not sitting on your lap, it can seem too small.
The 13" is the best of both worlds. You can keep the portability and the power in one.
Make sure you get a large enough SSD, they always fill up fast with documents and possibly downloaded text books etc.
With the 13" if you decide to create a innovative project or a collection of photos, you can also use more RAM-consuming applications like iPhoto and iMovie, or even Aperture without worrying about freezing.
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