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What channels are in the 11.99 Spanish Language package?

What channels are in the 11.99 Spanish Language package?
They are no longer listed in the new format channel guide. They used to be.
I just ordered the "Spanish Language package", but cannot tell what I bought!
Only thing I now find under "Plans" is this:
Spanish Language * 27 of the most popular channels like Univision and Galavision * Best news, sports and entertainment from several Spanish-speaking countries
but Univision and Galavision already come with the Premier package. Now that I say that, I don't see "Premier Package" anymore, either.It's on my bill!
Ok, postpone that for now, current question is: what 27 extra spanish language channels do I no get for my $11.99?
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What channels are in the 11.99 Spanish Language package? They  are no longer listed in the new format channel guide. They used to be. I just ordered the  "Spanish Language package", but cannot tell what I bought! Only thing  I now find under &qu
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