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What are the key benefits and limitations of new pricing model of X5-2?

What are the key benefits and limitations of new pricing model that started with X5 version?
1. Elastic Configurations
Size/price hardware by the number of servers; Fixed configs no longer required
Start with 2 Database Servers and 3 Storage Servers. Incrementally add database or storage servers online.
2. Capacity-on-Demand (CoD)
Upon installation, activate 40-100% of the cores per server and reduce software licenses; Applies to Eighth Rack now too
Activate and license more cores when needed; Active cores may not be deactivated
3. OVM and Trusted Partitions
License software on Virtual CPUs within a VM; Ideal for special-purpose DB options
You can mix different combination of options for different DB on one Exadata.
OVM has no License cost; support is included with premier hardware support
At least 40% of usable cores on the machine must be licensed for Oracle software
Cannot use both OVM and CoD to license less than 40% of cores
A server must be virtualized or non-virtualized – not mixed
A RAC cluster can mix virtualized and non-virtualized servers
4. “Flash Drive” License Metric for EF Storage Server Software
$20K/drive; 8 flash drives/EF server vs 12 disk drives/HC server = 33% higher list
Can transfer licenses between Flash Drive (2 licenses/drive) and Disk Drive (1 license/drive) – part # is the same
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