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Weird workaround for syncing from Aperture

I sometimes regret moving from iPhoto to Aperture. It ought to be an improvement, but there are problems with iPhone syncing. Lots of posts here about that. I have my iPhone 4 set to sync all photos from Aperture. I noticed some individual photos were not syncing from a particular album. Could not figure out why. Noticed that these photos were the only ones in the album without keywords. Added a keyword, and then they synced. But this does not seem to be uniform. I looked at other photos in my Aperture library also did not have keywords, but they synced. Wonder if it has something to do with the fact that those pictures that were not syncing were added to my library using a card reader rather than connecting the camera (Canon EOS digital Rebel). Anyway, if anyone has any thoughts . . .
You’re welcome.
can I just delete all of the messages in my .mac inbox periodically
once I know they have all been copied to both computers?
Yes. Beware, however, that copying the messages may cause things such as clicking on the reply arrow to find the reply to a message to stop working because the copy may not be recognized as being the same message. You may want to check whether things work as you expect before getting rid of the original messages.
If I delete them in the .mac inbox in mail I presume they will
disapear from the server?
If you delete them from the account’s Inbox in Mail or from the server via webmail, they’ll disappear from everywhere as a result of Mail synchronizing with the server.
Actually, if you move the messages to a locally stored mailbox, instead of copying them, that’s enough to remove them from the server (and from the other computer) as well.
Thus, you may want to designate one of your computers as the “master” and move the messages there instead of copying them after having copied them on the other.
there is no way of automating the deleting of messages from the
inbox after a period of time.
There is a way by setting up a rule that invokes an AppleScript that forces the rules to be evaluated for already existing messages. Andreas Amann’s Mail Scripts’ Filter Sent Messages script illustrates how this technique works. I don’t recommend you to do that for what you want to accomplish, though.
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