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Web Service and Oracle HTTP Server

I have a web environment with Oracle Database , oracle http server (using mod_plsql), Oracle pl/sql web toolkit. I need to create a web service that is accessed externally which will interact with the database (select, insert, delete). Is it possible to publish a web service to the Oracle Http Server or to implement web services with the environment above
In RDBMS 10g you cannot directly expose WS from the DB you need to use the OracleAS Web Service Runtime to do it, following this documentation:
- Developing Web Services that Expose Database Resources
This is true if we are talking about "tooling/runtime/API" but after all Web Services are mainly XML (WSDL and SOAP) so it is still possible to create by hands (PL/SQL & static files) but it is probably a long work depending of the complexity of your services.
Also, in RDBMS 11, you can now directly expose WS from the DB using the embedded HTTP server, see this Oracle 11g New Features Document
Note that before taking one approach you must take time to write up your requirement regarding Web Services eg: do I need security, which time of encoding, interoperability, ..., ... For example WS-Security that is the standard to secure SOAP messages is not (yet) supported by the Oracle 11g RDBMS Native Web Services... where when you do use the WS-Runtime you can secure the Web Service..
Tugdual Grall
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