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URL not active in UWL

I'm trying to pass a URL from a workflow container to a task in the UWL. I can display the URL when I open the task, but the URL is not active. I cannot click on the link. Any suggestions?
This is the code that I'm using in my XML file:
<DisplayAttribute name="TEST_URL" type="link" sortable="no" maxTextWidth="0" headerVisible="yes" actionRef="ChangeUrl">
<Descriptions default="Test URL"/>
The ChangeUrl action looks like this:
<Action name="ChangeUrl" handler="UrlLauncher" launchInNewWindow="yes">
<Property name="url" value="${item.TEST_URL}"/>
<Descriptions default="Test URL"/>
Your assistance is appreciated,
Hi Keith,
I'm not sure I understand this either.  Is this you click on the subject of the UWL, and you are brought to another window where there is a URL, you click on the URL, and now you are brought to the page?
Have you tried to use the: http://help.sap.com/saphelp_nw70/helpdata/EN/3a/648b505d764efcbbcbf7fab0e3070a/content.htm
UrlLauncher handler?
<Action name="launchUrl" handler="UrlLauncher">
    <Property name="url" value="http://my.web.com"/>
   <Property name="workitem_id" value="${item.externalId}"/>
Beth Maben
EP - Senior Support Consultant II
AGS Primary Support
Global Support Centre Ireland
Please see the UWL Wiki @
https://www.sdn.sap.com/irj/scn/wiki?path=/display/bpx/uwl+faq  ***
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