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Uninstall/install 3810/3805 or higher other than 10

I need to uninstall java 3810 and install 3805 or higher other than 10, if you can help please advise in lay terms to [email protected]
found this after some browsing. Haven't tried it, so no garantees of course
"Microsoft Virtual Machine (VM) Removal
By Kurt Koller, February 12, 2003.
It would appear that Sun and Microsoft have finally battled out this chapter of the Java saga, resulting in a situation where the Microsoft Virtual Machine will no longer be distributed.
Microsoft has a whole FAQ for developers, but they leave out one bit of information: how to actually uninstall the VM from your system.
Removing this is vital for me, because I need to make 100% sure that any migration I've done is correct, and the only way to be 100% sure that we're never using the Microsoft VM is to remove it.
Sure, we could port some stuff to J#/.NET and we are allowed to redistribute the VM with our products, but we'd rather just say good riddance. So here's how (but don't blame me if you trash something):
Start -> Run...
Key in the following and hit return: rundll32 advpack.dll,LaunchINFSection java.inf,UnInstall
You will then get a prompt to uninstall (a scary one telling you that IE will no longer be able to download files, which is bogus), choose yes, and then when finished it will want to reboot. Let it.
To remove the residual traces you may have of the Microsoft VM, remove the following (where %WINDOWS% is your system directory, usually C:\WINDOWS\ or C:\WINNT\ depending on OS:
* %WINDOWS%\java (entire folder)
* %WINDOWS%\inf\java.inf (may have been deleted by uninstall)
* %WINDOWS%\inf\java.pnf (may have been deleted by uninstall)
* Search your system drive for "javavm.dll" and remove it (may have been deleted by uninstall)
That's it. Then go install the VM of your choice.
If you have problems with IE continually telling you that you need to install a VM even if you already have one installed, turn off the option "Install on Demand (Other)" in Tools -> Internet Options... -> Advanced.
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