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Unable to update Boot Camp to 3.1 on Windows XP

I'm trying to fix the scrolling issues with the Magic Mouse by updating to 3.1 on the Windows XP side, but it says I must have version 3.0 first. According to my Mac I'm running v3.0.4. Does that mean that Windows is running the same version? I would assume so.
And I'm not finding a Boot Camp version 3.0 for Windows.
Have you tried updating the Mac software in XP, Control Panel/Scheduled Tasks/AppleSoftwareUpdates ?
If you did then go here, try downloading the 3.1 and 3.2 updates, 64 OR 32 bit, and see if you can manually install them: http://support.apple.com/downloads/#macoscomponents
You don't mention what computer you have so take a look at the rest of the downloads as there are a few computers that have a specific updater for similar trackpad, etc, problems.
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