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Total Mac Virgin with a stupid, simple question:

There are no stupin questions, just stupid people, so here it goes. I'm trying to post an image on MySpace from iPhoto. I rotated it 90 degrees and it looks right in iPhoto, but when I upload it, it's ****-eyed. Someone please help. I'm a GenX'er but I feel like a geezer having to ask for help.
Hi, fellow GenX'er.
A couple of things could cause this. First, in which application did you rotate the image? Some apps, like Preview, don't change the source file, but rather tag the image for display. So when you export you see it unrotated. Rotating in iPhoto does create a rotated file which will look correct when exported. As long as you haven't done it in Preview prior to import, that is.
That get us to the 2nd possibility. How did you access the file when uploading? If you went through the iPhoto library files, you may have taken the wrong file. The Original may be unrotated, the Data too small... the edited version is in the Modified folder. Instead of grabbing from the library, it is recommended that you select the image in iPhoto and File > Export > File Export to a folder on your desktop, then upload from there (trash the desktop copy when done). This ensures that you are choosing the correct, full-sized, edited image. When exporting you also have the option to resize for a more web-appropriate file.
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