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Tablespace 0% free - Oracle / NT

My client copies are failing due to lack of tablespace room.
IN DB02 I have the following info:
Total number                        6                
Total size/kb             152.750.080                
Total free/kb               2.607.104      1 %       
Minimum free/kb                16.384                
Max. autoextensible/kb    563,200,000                
ON Freespace statistics I have:
Tablespace            Freespace          
Maximum/kb      Maximum/kb    Total/kb   
SYSTEM               260032        260928
PSAPUNDO                  0             0
PSAPTEMP                  0             0
PSAPIDS               19392         20544
PSAPIDS640            12224         97408
PSAPIDSUSR            16384         16384
ON Critical Tables/IND...
Tablespace     Freespace     /kb          Next extent/k
     Maximum     Total          
PSAPUNDO          0     0     8.192
PSAPUNDO          0     0     65.536
PSAPUNDO          0     0     8.192
PSAPUNDO          0     0     8.192
PSAPUNDO          0     0     65.536
PSAPUNDO          0     0     65.536
PSAPUNDO          0     0     8.192
PSAPUNDO          0     0     8.192
PSAPUNDO          0     0     65.536
PSAPUNDO          0     0     8.192
I've tried to run DBA planning calendar the actions below:
NEXT Extent. The following command was issued:
BR0903I Number of tables in locally managed tablespaces: 47323         
BR0904I Number of indexes in locally managed tablespaces: 57328        
BR0901I Number of tables to check (and adapt if needed) next extent: 0 
BR0902I Number of indexes to check (and adapt if needed) next extent: 0
BR0905W No tables/indexes found to check and adapt next extent         
If I try on CMD  BRCONNECT -f NEXT I get the error
ORA-01017: Invalid user/password; logon denied.
How Can I extend the tablespaces? I need to finish my client copy.
Thanks a lot.
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Hi Leonardo,
It's a while since I've worked on an Oracle based SAP system but this is what I remember.
Do you know exactly which tablespace(s) are filling during the client copy ? You can probably see them on the SAP system log. I guess it will be one of BTABD/I, STABD/I, POOLD/I or CLUD/I.
Once you've identified the tablespace(s) that have filled, you can add datafiles to the affected tablespace(s) using sapdba.
The following SAP Help Portal URL may also be of use:
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