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Hi, I've had my Synergy 3105 for years and for me (with decent 1100mAh re-chargeable) it has been a great system i want to keep.
However Handset 2(HS2) developed a display problem then a catastrophic fault. I managed to get 3 more Synergy 3105 handsets then hit a problem registering them to the base station.
Because HS2 is faulty and effectively a 'lost' handset, the base station still thinks it is there, I cannot remove it because the original handset is faulty. Therefore, I can only register 4 handsets.
Does anybody know how I can reset the base station back to default, so it will forget everything it knows about the previous handset registrations?
I think I read that these units are supplied with a pre-registered Handset 1. As default. I am also curious to know if Handset 1 gets lost or is inoperable?
I suspect there may be a power up reset sequence using the base station 'page' button - but I haven't found it yet.
First correct answer gets the prize, because I think others having problems registering replacement phones and getting the 'searching' message may not realise what is going on (previous handsets still allocated).
Thanks - Vox
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That was a useful post for resetting a base station to default settings, however it does create a problem.
It leaves the Handsets orphaned and they themselves need a reset.
I have 3 Synergy 3105 base stations for different lines in my house, all worked well and I was able to register 4 handsets with each of the three base stations as Base1  Base2 & Base 3 ( Each hanset support up to 4 base stations).
I had six handsets, two for each base station and all worked well for a while.
I had the same problem of the screens giving up and somehow I lost or forgot the passwords.
So I did the reset you prescribe for BASE1 which was fine for a NEW handset but now EXISTING Handsets see the reset base unit as a brand new one and are orphaned from the BASE1 station they WERE connected to .
I have no way of deleting the Handset from the BASE1 as it requires a Pin I do not have and a base station to connect to that no longer exists.
So if I do the reset you suggest I will have to buy new handsets as these orphaned handsets can only connect to one more Base station.
What I need is some sort of Key sequence that resets a handset to Factory but does not require a Pin
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