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Sun Identity Compliance Manager Questions

Hi Everyone,
We are looking for a complete list of supported managed resources for the Sun Identity Compliance Manager (SICM) tool.
Also we have the following specific questions:
1.     Does SICM have connectors/adapters to Solaris 8/9/10 and Oracle EBS (as managed resources) to perform access certification of user accounts and associated entitlements/privileges/roles.
For example: Can SICM be used to analyze/report on the status of current and newly provisioned Solaris unix-level accounts and associated RBAC roles (say) -or- Oracle EBS accounts and associated roles /responsibilities to identify if they have been certified or have any SOD conflicts?
2.     Can SICM be implemented as a fully functional stand-alone product as opposed to it being integrated with Sun Identity Manager (SIM) ?
3.     In a scenario where SIM and SICM are integrated, can SIM do a hand-off to SICM for SOD analysis and checking as part of it account provisioning workflows?
Any insight and/or pointers will be greatly appreciated!
Thanks in advance and please let me know if there is a more relevant forum to post this question.
I have resolved the problem, the problem is because of the idmmanager attribute. In onsite they are using some other idm 6.0 with some patch, so they are getting the idm manager attribute but in offshore we dont have any patch installed for getting the idm manager attribute. Do you have any idea about how to get the idm manager attribute in the idm 6.0 with some patch? Thanks for your help ya.
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