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Stop WMP10 from starting when I plug in Zen Visio

When I plug in my Zen Vision M, Windows Media Player 0 starts up and starts synchronizing. I want a totally different program to come up -- or NO PROGRAM AT ALL!?I can't find a way to do this with the zen. I went into WMP settings and said don't synchronize. It ignores me. I tried going to windows explorer and changing device properties, but that tab is not available.
OK, under Windows Media Player, SYNC SETTINGS, I found a menu that allows me to change syncing from automatic to manual. So now the syncing doesn't occur when I plug in the device. But Windows Media Player 0 STILL opens, and I don't want it to. I'd rather have nothing open, or else a program of my choosing. Just to be clear, here's a copy of my post at experts exchange:?*****When I plug in my Zen Vision M, Windows Media Player 0 opens. (For technical reasons I need to use WMP version 0, NOT or beyond.)
I want a totally different program to come up -- or NO PROGRAM AT ALL! -- when I plug in the zen player.
I can't find a way to do this with the zen. ?I went into WMP settings and said don't synchronize, which worked. ?But when I go into the device properties, there's no menu for choosing which program opens with the device. You don't get the usual menus under windows explorer. ?
In fact, the only way I can get to a device properties menu at all is to plug in the device, and then go to Zen Media Explorer (which is a shortcut / device under Windows Explorer). The device appears there as a sub-folder, and has a properties menu. But again, this menu doesn't allow for choosing which programs run when the device is plugged in.
I found a check box that said "show zen in windows explorer as portable device". I checked this and restarted explorer. But all the menus / choices for this are the same as for the above "Zen Media Explorer"
Likewise I looked under Dev Mgr properties -- there's a properties menu, but no where to choose which program runs when device is plugged in.
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