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Steps to upgrade SSM 7.0 pack 2 to Latest Version ?

My current SSM is Version 7.0 and Pack 2.
Current server runing:
- Window server 2003 standard edition.
- SqlServer version 8.00
- Office 2003
What steps should i follow to to the upgrading to the current latest version?
Thanks if there's any answers.
Hi Chamnap Koy,
I believe latest version is SSM 7.5 SP 7 and to upgrade to SSM 7.5 you should have minimum SSM 7.0 SP4.
Since yours is SP2, i think you got to upgrade to version greater than SP4. You can confirm with SAP on this.
And, docs related to upgrade are avaialble at [SAP Service Market Place|http://service.sap.com/~form/sapnet?_SHORTKEY=01100035870000718165&_SCENARIO=01100035870000000112]
Hope this helps.
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