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SSMA 6.0 Oracle to SQL Server 2012 Migration

Hi SSMA Team,
We were migrating data from Oracle(Oracle
 to SQL server 2012 via SSMA 6.0 and during the migration experiencing  below error
“ORA-03106: fatal two-task communication protocol error”
We are using SSMA on Windows server 2008 R2 standard 64 Bit server, also SSMA is configured to use basic Oracle provider.
Would you also please let us know what Oracle Client provider is used in SSMA 6.0 to migrate the data, additionally can you please confirm that the driver used for connectivity is " System.Data.OracleClient.OracleConnection"?
We have 891 tables to migrate the data from Oracle to SQL server. Out of 891 table we are getting random failures ranging from 3- 9 tables(Failed tables).
We are getting this error in between the data migration of all tables, as we have done the settings to continue the data migration in case of failures. It continues to migrate data for rest of tables.  We are using SSMA console
V 6.0 to migrate the data.
I can assure you that this is not the permission issue at all (since the migration go successful for other tables and failed only for 3-10 random tables only). Following is the Variable file details we using.
<variable-group name="OracleConnection">
    <variable name="$OracleHostName$"  value="SourceHostname"/>
    <variable name="$OracleInstance$"  value="DP"/>
    <variable name="$OraclePort$"  value="1521"/>
    <variable name="$OracleUserName$"  value="User_name "/>
    <variable name="$OraclePassword$"  value="PWD "/>
    <variable name="$OracleSchemaName$" value="$SchemaName$"/>
  <variable-group name="SQLServerConnection">
    <variable name="$SQLServerName$"   value="TargetServerHostWith instance  "/>
    <variable name="$SQLServerDb$"     value="$TagetSQLServerDb$"/>
    <variable name="$SQLServerUsrID$"  value=""/>
    <variable name="$SQLServerPwd$"    value=""/>
This issue become a bottleneck for our project deliver, would you please help us to solve the issue at the earliest.
Nitin Kushwaha
Can you try to connect using Connection Strings?
Hope this helps.
Alberto Morillo
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