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Should be Oracle database bin path in PATH BEFORE Soa Suite bin path ?

On my local computer I installed Oracle Database 10g Express AND Soa Suite.
Hence the PATH environment variable contains (among others) two pathes: one for Soa Suite and one for database 10g.e.g.:
Which element should be written/taken at first?
When I leave it as above I have problems with some commands (e.g. tnsping) because is taken from the first occurence (= Soa Suite) and is not working properly.
Is it causing problems in Soa Suite if I switch "D:\db\Oracle\app\oracle\product\10.2.0\server\bin"
to the first position in PATH variable?
I found the solution, if anyone has the same error, here is the solution:
The cause of an error was improper configuration of the host. The ping returned two different IP addresses:
[email protected] $ ping -a myhost
myhost (333.333.333.333) is alive
[email protected] $ ping -a myhost.domain.com
myhost.domain.com (555.555.555.555) is alive
I removed the wrong IP address for myhost.domain.com in /etc/inet/ipnodes:
[email protected] # cat /etc/inet/ipnodes
# Internet host table
::1 localhost localhost
555.555.555.555 myhost.domain.com loghost
Now the ping is correct:
[email protected] $ ping -a myhost
myhost (333.333.333.333) is alive
[email protected] $ ping -a myhost.domain.com
myhost.domain.com (333.333.333.333)) is alive
Now installation finished successfully.
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