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Satellite U920T-100: NFC Win 8.1 driver doesn't load

as I know the 920T -100 has NFC possibilities ... but I can't install the drivers from support page.
While trying, the allow change pops up, yes and then nothing happens.
I have unpacked the package with 7zip and started the setup, it is checking the system and its all ok and it ends with a warning there was a script fault.
I have tried to find the Intel NFC Software Kit, but cant find.
Any help for me?
Regards Heinz
>I have a PSUL1E and it is offering the NFC Driver for download at Toshiba Pages
The Satellite U920T-100 (PSUL1E-00500NGR released in Germany) as well as the U920T-117 (PSUL1E-02900JEN) belongs to the same series PSUL1E and therefore you can find the NFC driver in the driver list. But this does not mean that all notebooks which belongs to PSUL1E are equipped with NFC chip.
> For my understanding it is integrated in the Intel Pro Chip
No, both notebook models U920T-100 and U920T-117 support the same Intel WLan card (Intel bgn Jackson Peak1 chip) but only U920T-117 supports NFC
In case your Sat U920T-100 would be equipped with NFC, you should find the device in device managerbut I guess you cant
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