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Satellite C660-2EV crashed with BSOD and does not boot

My Satellite laptop C660-2EV running Windows 7, for no apparent reason crashed to the blue screen of death, after which it would not reboot.
I have attempted to reboot in safe mode using the function keys but it gets as far as loading: windows\system32\drivers/classpnp.sys and then just sits there. From the various Internet posts it would appear that there is no definitive answer to this problem. Recommendation is to reload using recovery disks or the hidden image.
I cannot access the user manual as it is on the laptop so i have referenced the various posts on the internet. I had created repair and recovery disks when i purchased the laptop and so following various posts I booted my system with the repair disk and the process started.
Unfortunately the screens that appeared were different than those in the posts and as I do not have access to a user manual, I do not know if I am following the correct procedure.
Can anybody provide me with a PDF user manual for a C660-2EV laptop ?
Alternatively can anybody advise me how to reload Windows 7 ?
Thank you in anticipation.
Users manuals document can be downloaded from http://www.toshiba.eu/innovation/download_manuals.jsp
Anyway, if you have created recovery discs please start your notebook and press f12 to enter boot menu. When boot menu is shown on the screen put recovery disc 1 into optical disc drive and choose CD/DVD device as bootable device and press ENTER.
Installation should start. What you must do is just to follow menu on the screen. It must be similar as sown on http://aps2.toshiba-tro.de/kb0/HTD1303440001R01.htm
If you have more questions or if you need some assistance let us know.
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