wireless rf headphones for tv


Looking for dual wireless rechargeable headphone system with dual docks

I'm looking for a pretty specific product, and was wondering if anyone knows of a product that'll fit the bill. I want a wireless dual headphone system with a charging dock for each headset. Transmitter should accept line level signal from dual RCA p... Read More

Denon EXERCISE FREAK AH-W150 In-Ear Headphones Wireless Fitness Headphones

I am interested in this Denon EXERCISE FREAK AH-W150 In-Ear Headphones Wireless Fitness Headphones, but when I tried to connect via bluebooth, I could only hear someting on the right earphone. Has anybody experienced the same issue? And how to solve... Read More

Are there replacement earpads for MDR-RF915RK wireless stereo headphones?

Will any of the replacement earpads currently available fit my Sony MDR-RF-915RK Wireless Stereo Headphones?The MDR-RF915RK Wireless Headphones were first released in the market last 6/1/2001 so accessories may no longer be available. However, you ca... Read More

Creative Wireless Gaming Headphones HS-1200 stuck on!

Hey guys & girls, ive seen a few posts that people are having trouble turning their headphones on, well i cant turn mine off! The blue light is stuck on & i have tryed holding power button for about half an hour! THis happened whilst i was using m... Read More

Creative Wireless SE2300 Headphone

These headphones have now been discontinued, (I was informed from their European site) They apparently came out around October 2008 and are no longer available June 2009. Fair enough there must have been some awful fault with them. What I find most a... Read More

What are the best wireless chat headphones for walking with my iphone, i dont like earbuds

i need something comfortable i was looking at the sennheise mm 100. any suggestions. thanksgot a Nokia bh-503 which I use for running and as headset for my ios devices it works greatRead other 2 answers... Read More

Wireless Headphones For Ipod touch 4g

Hi, I was wondering if you need an ipod adaptor to use wireless bluetooth headphones. I have the new ipod touch 4g and i want to buy wireless headphones. i was wondering, do i have to buy an adaptor .....since the ipod has bluetooth itself? Also, wha... Read More

How to hook up a Sony RF Wireless Headphone

I want to hook up my Sony RF Wireless Headphones to my television system.  All inputs to the TV -  including Direct TV and various DVD players - are HDMI through a Yamaha Tuner.  The HDMI inputs are digital and there is no analog audio output availab... Read More

Beats Wireless Headphones Don't Go Loud Enough

I just bought a pair or wireless Beats headphones to listen to music on my Ipod but I am disappointed that the maximum sound volume is nowhere near loud enough for me. I got my friend to try them and he said they were too quiet as well so its not jus... Read More

Headphone wireless

I have to have music on to sleep. But the older I get the more uncomfortable earphones are. The cord gets wrapped around my neck ir body when I roll over after I fall a sleep. With all the technology out there cant anyone make in ear headphones that... Read More

Wireless Headphone Question

I bough a pair of wireless Logitech headphones(Freepluse wireless Bluetooth headphones model: 980461-0403 SKU: 8001351). I think that they are making my iPod pause randomly. I posted a question earlier about this, but I have now narrowed the field of... Read More

Wireless Headphones in Garageband Problem

I just got a pair of wireless (bluetooth) headphones and tried to play guitar on the new garageband and the sound output had a lag on it. Is there a way to fix this?Audio over Bluetooth is slow, it needs to be compressed, encoded to be sent and then... Read More

Which Bluetooth headphones are better for iPhone 4?

Hi. I did a search on the forums looking for recommendations on a good pair of wireless bluetooth headphones to use with my new iPhone 4, but didn't find any thread for actual users to review or recommend brands or so... So, I wanted to know if do yo... Read More

Very poor sound quality on bluetooth headphones through HP Envy 700-074 desktop

I recently purchased a pair of Bose AE2W wireless bluetooth headphones to use with my HP Envy 700-074 desktop computer. After successfully pairing the headphones the sound quality is extremely poor. I know the headphones are not the pronblem since th... Read More

Beats Wireless

Hello Guys, Can anyone please assist me with establisihing bluetooth connection between my Beats Wireless and my Macbook? The headset does easily connect with my iphone; however, when i try to use it with my mac it pair and configures successfully bu... Read More

Recommend a headphones solution for me!

I'm a new iPhone 3G owner and am looking for the cleanest, lowest profile, best quality, money-is-no-object, wireless/bluetooth headphone solution for purposes of listening to music in stereo. Suggestions?Patrick G wrote: There is seriously no wirele... Read More

Headphones for New iPod video

logitech came out with the bluetooth wireless iPod headphones for the older iPods, and apparently they are incompatible with the new video iPods. Anyone know of, or hear if they have out now, or are coming out with soon, wireless headphones for the n... Read More

Callers Can't Hear Me on Multiple Bluetooth Headsets

After getting tired of having my corded headphones ripped out of my ears when they get snagged on doorknobs I broke down and bought a wireless Bluetooth headphones (a Samsung Circle). I was able to pair it with no issue. I could hear music fine. I co... Read More

Bluetooth Setting Missing

Product Name: HP Touchsmart 23-f217c Edition: Windows 8.1 I have just purchased some new Beats Wireless bluetooth headphones and would like to connect them with my computer. I go into Settings/PC Settings/Devices and there is no option to enable or d... Read More

MixMeister Fusion and Mac OS X 10.6.4

Hello, Since the last upgrade of Mac OS X 10.6.4, it is not possible to use MixMeister Fusion in Dual Sound Output with an additional sound card. I cannot have preview in the headphones neither main output on the external sound card. It used to work... Read More