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Wireless Headphone recomendations?

I'm looking for a good set of wireless headphones to listen to music. I think I need the base to have a 1/8 " audio plug to go into my mac or Altec Lansing speaker / volume control. Any recommendations would be appreciated!Here's what a search for he... Read More

Iv upgraded to ios 6 on my iphone 4 and surprise surprise i can now no longer listen to music on my wireless headphones through bluetooth as it now jumps and loses signal just a metre or two away and especially if my hand is covering the top of the phone

Iv upgraded to ios 6 on my iphone4 and i can no longer listen to my bluetooth wireless headphones as the signal is now that poor it must be deemed in heaven cuz it no longer alive and kicking, i am not happy about this in the slightest infact its a .... Read More

Is there a way to use my iPod Nano to listen to a radio frequency with wireless headphones.  It tells me that I have to plug in my headphones to receive the stations and when I do, the wireless headphones don't work!

Is there a way to use my iPod Nano to listen to a radio frequency with wireless headphones.  It tells me that I have to plug in my headphones to receive the stations and when I do, the wireless headphones don't work!No. I'm sorry. But, i think it use... Read More

Toshiba TV/DVD combo 32SLV411U - listening through wireless headphones?

I hope I am posting this in the right place. I couldn't find a specific board just for tvs? I have recently purchased a Toshiba TV/DVD combo 32SLV411U. I really like it but have an issue. The best way to go about this I guess is to tell you what I ho... Read More

How do you hook up wireless headphones so you can listen to Apple TV and satellite

Currently I have a direct tv satellite receiver and an Apple TV box.  I'm trying to hook up sony wireless headphones so I can hear both of them.  I watch Netflix on the Apple TV and normal TV viewing on satellite.  I'd like to be able to toggle betwe... Read More

Wireless headphones for my Toshiba 22LV505

I am trying to hook up wireless headphones for my 90-year-old father to his Toshiba 22LV505.  He is extremely hard of hearing but my mom is not.  Can you tell me what device(s) I need to get and how I can hook up his wireless headphones so that he ca... Read More

Suggestions for wireless headphones

Hi everybody, I need a little advice here if anyone can help. I sit in an open office, working merrily away on my iMac, but would like to listen to iTunes without disrupting the rest of the office. I have some earphones that I can plug in to the back... Read More

Beats Wireless Headphones Don't Go Loud Enough

I just bought a pair or wireless Beats headphones to listen to music on my Ipod but I am disappointed that the maximum sound volume is nowhere near loud enough for me. I got my friend to try them and he said they were too quiet as well so its not jus... Read More

42TL515U wireless headphone or 2.1 pc speakers

Hi, I am wondering how to setup the connections so that i could get either a pair of headphones or external speakers working with the TV. If someone could guide me how to do it, that would be awesome. Regards SamirHi Peter, Just wanted to update that... Read More

Wireless Headphones with 32C120U how do I connect them?

I am interested in buying these headphones (http://www.sennheiserusa.com/stereo-TV-wireless-headphones-rs120_009922) to listen to my television in my dorm room since I have a roommate with another TV. I like to watch Hulu on my Xbox 360 and connect t... Read More

Does the Ipod nano 6th gen capable of sending signal to headphones. Us older folks would like to use wireless headphones versus earphones with a wire.

Is the  ipod nano 6th gen capable of sending signal to wireless headphones. I am 57 and do not like earphones and wire. Would like to get the nano. I understand the iphone 4 can use wireless headphones, but i can not wear it on my wrist like a watch.... Read More

How many sets of wireless headphones can I connect to my iPad at one time?

How many sets of wireless headphones can I connect to my iPad at one time?Did you mean Bluetooth? One. Did you mean FM or infrared, driven from the 3.5mm output jack? Any number of them, assuming you use the same frequency to receive the stream.Read... Read More

Pairing Bravia KDL-50W829B with Wireless headphones (Sony BTN200)

Hi, Own the KDLW829 set and recently purchased a set of Sony wireless headphones. I am not sure if the bluetooth option is designed to work for headphones - I have tried pairing but haven't been successful and a google search did throw up the likelih... Read More

How do i hook up Wireless headphones to ipod?

I just recently bought some wireless headphones (B-GO2 Bluetooth stereo active headset) but my ipod touch will not read them.  What do i need to do?Does the headset support either the A2DP or Hand Free Profile (HFP) and are supported by the iPod? iOS... Read More

Connecting wireless headphones to tablet

Please can someone help me! I got a new pair of Bluetooth/wireless headphones as a gift and was unable to successfully connect them to my device. It says its connected, I can play and pause a song through the headphones, but there is no sound. I know... Read More

Wireless headphones? A2DP??

When is the iPhone firmware going to enable A2DP? I love watching TV episodes purchased on iTunes while working out, but some types of cardio make having wired headphones a huge problem. I'd really like to wait a few months and get a firmware update,... Read More

Can I use wireless headphones with my Sony model KDL 32L5000?

It is hard to hear voices well in some movies, I'd like some headphones but don't know if it is possible. Thank you. Solved! Go to Solution.Yes, it is possible to connect wireless headphones such as the Sony MDR-IF245RK to your KDL-32L5000 TV via the... Read More

What wireless headphones are best for use with ipad2?thanks

I  am a computer newbie?!!! I had not owned a computer device of any any sort.( I know in this day and age) and I received an iPad 2 as a gift. I think my friends were tired of me asking to use their computer to receive e mail ,etc. Any way, question... Read More

ZEN MICRO....Wireless headphones PLease write B

Hi Does anybody know of wireless headphones for the zen micro? ThanksMessage Edited by Yankeesrock325 on 0-28-2006 0:50 PMSSR wrote: You might be trading negati'ves for other negati'ves. That's the greatest problem with new emerging technologies. I d... Read More

Questions about Digital Wireless Headphones CB2

Hi everyone, I have a question about the [url="http://nl.europe.creative.com/products/product.asp?category=437&subcategory=438&product=6 44" target=_self>Digital Wireless Headphones CB2530[/url] I've never seen it in a shop here in Ho... Read More