WiFi SDIO Module


Destroyed my wifi/bt module socket on mpower max

i assembled my entire computer, and then noticed when i had practically finished that i didnt put my wifi/bt module in, and to put it in at that point would mean removing EVERYTHING in order to remove the motherboard to get it in. I was pretty mad, s... Read More

Gaming 9 wifi module not detcted

Hi, I just built a new computer and the wifi/bt module that it comes with is not detected. There are no bent pins, it just doesn't show up in Device Manager and when I put the driver disc in there are no drivers to install (I assume this is because i... Read More

Yoga 13 WiFi and bluetooth issue resolved

Unfortunately, I also met WiFi problems, but also found unexpected and sad solution. Wifi worked pretty well at working place, but had problems at home. As an experiment I brought WiFi router from the working place home. It did not work! At home I us... Read More

WIFI SD Card for Palm

I have frecently decided to start using wifi on my E2.  I now have the problem that Palm no longer makes a wifi card.  Is there another maker of cards that will do the same and allow me access to wifi? Post relates to: Tungsten E2The only WiFi SDIO c... Read More

Unboxing MSI Z97 Mpower Max AC Overclocking Motherboard

Intel Z97 chipset based motherboards is already out and I’m glad that Intel decided it to make the CPU socket the same LGA 1150 as before. Backward compatibility for the current CPUs and at the same time will have support for the upcoming Haswell Ref... Read More

Cpu and grafics card upgrade

Hey guys! To start with these are the specs of my Notebook: System: -Windows 10 64Bit CPU: -Intel Core i7-3632QM (up tp 3.2Ghz) Ivy Bridge 22nm Tech RAM: -Slot 1 Kingston PC3-12800 (800Mhz) 4Gb DDR3-Slot 2 Kingston PC3-12800(800Mhz) 4Gb DDR3 Grafics:... Read More

With the new iOS everything keeps dropping out to the home screen

After updating to the latest iOS my iPad will drop out of any program to the main screen what gives?To all posters who are having this precise issue: Wi-Fi works upon rebooting, and connects to the closest network, and will work for some time, HOWEVE... Read More

HP Mini upgrade b/g to b/g/n?

I would like to upgrade my HP Mini WiFi card from a b/g to a b/g/n. I have already upgraded the RAM so I know how to open it. Is it possible to purchase the new card? What spec card is needed? Are drivers available? Also, if possible, does HP sell th... Read More

Why are we limited to a worthless gps program

Hello, Why is it that nokia with their exceptionally high priced booklet that they feel the we would only want to use a useless "gadget" called Ovi maps (all it is is a glorified mall "you are here" map).  There is no ability to actual... Read More

2009 mac pro can't install any new os's - tried multiple drives

Ok guys here's where i'm at. I was running a 2009 mac pro with 10.6.8 I downloaded and ran mavericks but after it restarted it just hung on the no entry sign over night. So i did a restore and that worked. I repaired permissions, and tried via a usb... Read More

IBM T30 BlueTooth drivers?

hello ppl IBM T30  1.8ghz  model 2366 BM1 120gb HDD 1gb ddr 333 11b wifi BlueTooth Module FRU-91P7297 Windows XP SP3 i just got this bluetooth/modem module.   windows setup the modem but cant see any bluetooth options i installed the drivers from ibm... Read More

DV9000 Series Bluetooth

Hello I noticed recently that there is a light next to the headphone and microphone jacks on my DV9000 series laptop and I was wondering what it was for and I have a question about the Bluetooth Module. First, is the light supposed to be a light for... Read More

[Q] Reboot of Tiger MacMini - does not autoconnect

Hi, This is probably a newbie question (although repeated searching of these forums has drawn a blank for me) but here goes. I have a MacMini running Tiger with the latest & greatest updates applied. I have the Apple Store installed Airport Extreme W... Read More

SDIO Wifi device tree

Hi I am trying to bring up TI SDIO Wifi module on Zedboard I am using this adaptor http://zedboard.org/product/wilink-8-adaptor with WL1837MODCOM8I (from TI) on zedboard I have built the  hardware platform explained in this tutorial http://zedboard.o... Read More

WEC7 Native WiFi driver supported WiFi module in market

Hi, OS: Windows Embedded Compact 7. platform: AM335x ARM Cortex A8. As WEC7 has native device drivers for qualcomm atheros AR6K and Realtek 8185 chipsets, we are searching for wifi modems with these chip set. this will help us to make use of native d... Read More

How can I fix the stability of my wifi module

Hello I have an Imac 27" Core i7 3.4 Ghz 8Go Ram running under Lion 10.7.2, I am using a NAS connected through wifi, Everything worked well since july 2011, but since about a week my connection wifi seemes to be very unstable and it induces the finde... Read More

HP Pavilion dv6 - replacemen​t a WiFi module

Hello! I have a dv6-6b55er model of notebook (product No: A2Y97EA, rev.17F9-110). Some time ago I bought a new WiFi access point which support a 5GHz-band (standards 802.11a/an/b/g/n). But WiFi-module in my notebook is not support this band (WiFi-mod... Read More

Hp laptop doesn't boot with wifi module

Hi, After I changed the motherboard on a hp pavilion g7 laptop i realised that it only boots if the wifi module is out. if i put the wifi module in the laptop won't boot. it starts and remains at a black screen. if i plug the wifi module after bootin... Read More

What is the Supported wifi module for hp dv6-6154tx

What is the supported wifi module part number of wifi card number for hp dv6-6154tx . I lost it somewhere when I tried to add thermal compound on processor. Help me plzHi,         These are the part numbers of the wireless card which are suitable for... Read More

Loss of WiFi and in 'Event: Module' = Path: C:\Windows\System32\IWMSSvc.dll

re: Thinkpad W540 20BG 0016US Win 7 [64] Pro (So called WORKSTATION) - What am I doing wrong? In my event log: WLAN Extensibility Module has stopped unexpectedly. Module Path: C:\Windows\System32\IWMSSvc.dll Lenovo installed Access Connection (no ver... Read More