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Logical Database in Abap Objects

Hi to All I want do it a program report using a Logical Database. Is this possible ??? But when I make a GET <node>, occurs the following error:          "" Statement "ENDMETHOD" missing.  "" I'm doing the following: CL... Read More

Logical Database in Webdynpro

Hello, I have a program in R/3 that is based on a logical database. I don't want to have to write the program all over again in Webdynpro. Is there a way to use the logical database in Webdynpro for ABAP.Basically WDA calls a FM and then the followin... Read More

Logical database in adhoc query

Hello All, Can anyone tell me what is the logical database in adhoc query?Hi When you create a query , you have to select an infoset. Infoset can be considered as a source from which data is populated in the Query Fields. Infosets are created from Tr... Read More


Hi Friends, what is use of LOGICAL DATABASE IN HR ABAP PROGRAMMING AND END-OF-SELECTION EVENT IN HR PROGRAMMING PROGRAMMING??? regards, vijay.hi HR Logical Databases In Human Resources (HR), the following logical databases can be used as a data sourc... Read More

Installation problem with NW'04 SR1: database connection failed

Hi all, while installing NW '04 SR1 on Windows Server 2003 SP1 and MS SQL Server 2000 SP4 I ran into an error related to the database connection. While performing the step "Load Java Database content" SAPinst crashes with the message com.sap.sql... Read More

Message: "The database structure has been modified" every time I log to SAP

Hello, "The database structure has been modified. In order to resume this process, all open windows will be closed". Every time I log to one of my companies in SAP Business One this message appears. I haven't installed any new addons and made no... Read More

SSO to database

We have Business Objects 3.1 SP2 FP2.3 running on Windows 2003 R2 SP2 64bits. CMS database on SQL 2005 x64 Environment runs on Apache Tomcat Single Sign-On with kerberos on Active Directory is working fine. We have developers who want to use their Cr... Read More

APEX-The manullay created column is not getting updated in the database

Dear all I have a form on page, which is created along with a report using Form on a Table with Report option. From the form I have deleted one field and recreated manullay as set the property as database column. When I am calling from the report pag... Read More

Converting null and blank to NA in a column of a database table

Hi This is a simple thing but is giving me a hard time. I need to change the values coming as null or blank to NA . The values comes in a flat file as a source and I need to laod it convertign to NA in database. I wrote the expression as ISNULL([NPS... Read More

Closing the database connection after report in a server application

I searched these forums and the internet for a definitive answer on asking the Crystal SDK for java to close the jdbc connection after it has generated a report.  We have been using the Crystal Report SDK to generate reports within our JEE applicatio... Read More

Report performance issue in oracle database 10g to 11g

Hi All, We have one test instance for database 10g where the report is working fine below is the plan for report. SELECT STATEMENT VIEW APPS SORT UNIQUE UNION-ALL HASH JOIN TABLE ACCESS BY INDEX ROWID INV.MTL_SYSTEM_ITEMS_B NESTED LOOPS MERGE JOIN CA... Read More

10g Enterprise Manager is not able to connect to the database instance

I am running a Oracle 10g database in Solaris 10 server. When i am trying to connect to the enterprise manager it says Enterprise Manager is not able to connect to the database instance. The database instance is open,the listener is up and the agent... Read More

SWPM - System Copy - Assertion Failed Unable to load database

Hello again, (already the next question form me, sorry for this I am executing a sysetm copy (DB-refresh) on ASE using SWPM. However, in "Configure Components" step I get the error: Assertion failed. Unable to load database <SID of Target Sys... Read More

Hyperion Essbase Error: 1002097 Unable to load database [PlanType1]

Hello, I am running Hyperion Essbase version. This has happened 3 times now since last 2 weeks. I had to restore the APP folder from previous backup. The message that i see is Error: 1002097 Unable to load database [PlanType1] I have searched... Read More

Torrentflux 2.4 (ADONewConnection: Unable to load database driver)

I'm trying to setup Torrentflux 2.4 on my server. I used the torrentflux PKGBUILD vom AUR: http://aur.archlinux.org/packages.php?ID=1664 I set up Apache/MySQL/PHP following the guide. PHP test script is working fine: <?php phpinfo(); ?> I setup a sy... Read More

Assertion failed: Unable to load database SID during sybase system copy on Linux in the phase "Create DB"

Hi Supports, I am using sapinst homogeneous system copy in Linux on sybase. I stuck on the the step 27/49 "create Database". I checked Firewall is off. i got  points in my sapinst_dev.log that " 1)The log segment in the target database 'SID... Read More

"Error 1002097 Unable to Load database" while starting an Essbase App.

Hello Essbase Experts, I am getting below error while starting an Essbase Application: "Error 1002097 Unable to Load database" Below is an extract from the Essbase Application Log: [2012-04-04T14:14:03.816-19:14] [RPA] [ESM-6] [ERROR] [32][] [ec... Read More

Error --1002097 Unable to load database

Hi, Essbase version 7. I am having a problem when I am trying to start database or running Essbase give me an Error: 1002097 Unable to load database.(error 1002097 is related to the db corrupt.) this is on PRD server. we have 2 more server ,(.BS & De... Read More

1002097 Unable to load database [Plan1]

Hi all, I am not able to start the database from essbase. When i start the databse from app, I am getting below message from the panel. server.XXXXAPP.Plan1     Get database properties     April 5, 2011 2:57:27 PM CAT     Failed Error: 1002097 Unable... Read More

Error: Unable to Load Database

Anyone seen this error: "Unable to Load Database"? How to recover? A link or a page for me to read would work too. thx! JamesThe usual cause for this is that the database has become corrupted - or one or more key files was somehow deleted. Take... Read More