Using incremental CMS is deprecated


Java JVM 8: Using incremental CMS is deprecated and will likely be removed in a future release

Hello, We (my company) have been using YoungGC=Parallel; Old=CMS/Incremental since Java 1.5 for a Java caching application running in a 64 GB heap (yes, even in HotSpot 1.5). At various times, we have tested the G1 collector.  The performance for our... Read More

Interpreting Concurrent Mark Sweep GC-Log

Hi. I am trying to extract some metrics from the garbage collector log of the concurrent mark sweep garbage collector. I have found a nice walkthrough a this site: [ | Read More

Flex sdk incremental build will lose swc information

I have a mxmlc ant task job like this         <mxmlc          file="${trunk_dir}/main/src/main.mxml"         output="${local_tmp}/app/bin/main.swf"                   >                 <load-config filename="${basedir}/fle... Read More

Pages 5 - Up/Down Arrow Margin Size Increment Change

Hi All   -   Couldn't find another relevant post so starting this (please point out if another relevant post exists) Problem:  Changing Margin Size in Small Increments I have Pages units set to points (pts) In Pages 09 in the Inspector clicking on up... Read More

9.0.115 or 9.0.0 ? which should I publish to in a CMS? or do bannermaking with

Hi forum I'm kind of wondering here. Most banner-makers are still using AS2 for the reason that "penetration" is not 100% with AS3. But in europe its only 1.5% that divides them. I am aware that one can force the user to upgrade with SWFobject,... Read More

Parsers Deprecation

We recently upgraded to the new Oracle Content Management SDK from IFS and I am working on the implementation. I saw in the javadoc that the oracle.ifs.beans.parsers package has been deprecated. The javadoc says to look at the release notes for more... Read More

Stop the deprecated  madness bring back image data bindings to!!!

I have used dreamweaver since it was from macromedia, all the companys i worked for had dreamweaver, now that i decided to get my own for home and not use the company version things get worse and worse since this creative cloud bulls.... why is the o... Read More

Is com.businessobjects.sdk.ceutils.prompts.PromptsUtil deprecated ?

Hi Is there a way to confirm if com.businessobjects.sdk.ceutils.prompts.PromptsUtil has been deprecated for  BusinessObjects Enterprise XI 3.1 SP4 ? I see the following posts saying that it could be a documentation error and it has not been deprecate... Read More

Anybody here ever designed there own CMS?

Another member of this forum pointed me to a cool little CMS called WebYep. Never heard of it before, but I found it, and its actually very easy to use, and very simple (maybe a little TOO simple, meaning there not alot of options for text editing on... Read More

CMS marking stack overflow

I am running a rather large java application using 1.5.0 beta 2 on redhat using incremental garbage collection and have observed the following message Client VM warning: CMS marking stack overflow at 32768 This stack must be different that the defaul... Read More


Hi, I need to upload & download different types of documents ( doc/pdf/image/ ... ) into the CMS by calling the appropriate methods ( of CMS SPI or some other classes ) from my application. Need to know if someone has similar experience that can be h... Read More

I am trying to restore my catalog having previously done a back up to an external hard drive and subsequently an incremental backup. I am using Photoshop Elements 11 and the only option given in the restore procedure is to open a .tly file.

I have done this but now the restore function is asking for yet another file, which i assume to be the original back up, but that is the only .tly file since the only other relevant file appears to be called catalog.buc but that is just not visible w... Read More

Can Muse be used to create a site that requires a CMS with multiple user accounts?

Hi, I am new to Adobe Muse and I would like to understand some specific things about the software. I have been comissioned to create a gallery website which requres a cms for use with mulitple accounts for the users/ artists to display seperate profi... Read More

Error while creating a track in CMS

Hi all, I am trying to create a track in CMS  using J2ee_ administrator.While saving I am getting the below error. SLD (URL http://rhocrmd2:50000) server exception: User credentials are invalid or user is denied access. The same error is coming while... Read More

Jump in Young GG (ParNew) times after CMS-concurrent-reset

In one of our automated test scenarios following a CMS-concurrent-reset, young GC times dramatically increased. For instance, prior to the CMS reset, average young GC times average 0.15 seconds; after the CMS reset, times would spike to as high as 40... Read More

Regarding REFRESHING of Data in Data warehouse using DAC Incremental approa

My client is planning to move from Discoverer to OBIA but before that we need some answers. 1) My client needs the data to be refreshed every hour (incremental load using DAC) because they are using lot of real time data. We don't have much updated d... Read More

Is there a routine one can use to shift the column of data by one each time the loop index increments? In other words, increment the columns that the data is being saved by using the index?

The device, an Ocean Optics spectrometer in columns of about 9000 cells.I'm saving this as a lvm file using the "write to measurement". But it doesn't give me the flexibility as far as I can tell. I need to move the column by the index o... Read More

Deprecation warning for getFontMetrics(java.awt.Font) in java.awt.Toolkit

Hi all, When I use the following code JComponent c; FontMetrics metrics = getToolkit().getFontMetrics(c.getFont()); I get this following warning during compilation:- warning: getFontMetrics(java.awt.Font) in java.awt.Toolkit has been deprecated JDK s... Read More

SYSDATE is not getting incremented in the parameter - Scheduler

Hi All I have used the query 'SELECT SYSDATE FROM DUAL' for a parameter in concurrent request. If I execute this concurrent as a single request, then it returns exact sysdate (current date) in a parameter. If i schedule this program for daily executi... Read More

How to Sync the session timeout of Portal with CMS Server

Hi Experts, We have a custom application build on our portal which will launch the reports of InfoView. It works fine untill the portal session timeout. Whenever the session timeout occurs and reloads it I am unable to launch the reports and getting... Read More