UCCX 10.5 ova


OVA Upgrade for UCCX 8.5

Hi - We have a customer who was deployed with 100 Agents UCCX OVA. They are running on a C-210M2 , Intel XEON @ 2.7GHz processor & have sufficient hardware capacity for further growth. Now they`d like to grow beyond 100 Agents & like to upgrade th... Read More

How to change the Number of IVR ports in a UCCX?

I know this question has been asked before but it needs to be asked again, as previous answers do not seem to apply.   The simple quesiton is:  If you have a UCCX and if after install you check you check License information and you note that you have... Read More

UCCX 8.5 to 9.0 Redhat Change in vmware?

When you upgrade from UCCX 8.5 to 9.0, the Linux operating system is upgraded from Redhat Enterprise 4 to 5. If you were to deploy an ova for a new install of version 9, the OS would be red hat enterprise 5 (32-bit). For similar refresh upgrades in C... Read More

UCCX 9.0.2 Install Failed with following Error,

I used the same Media to install the UCCX before and was able to install it. Now tried to install another Instance and failed Any HELPThanks for the reply to my post Esxi "version is 5.1.0 build 799733" and the OVA I'm using is "UCCX_9.0_vm... Read More

CUCm , UCCX & QM upgrading

we have the following :          -CUCM      -UCCX   7.0(1)SR05_Build504      -QM we have to upgrade all of these components to 9.X so how should i do the windows to linux upgrade for the CUCM and UCCX and what is the upgra... Read More

UCCX 8.x HA on different hardware

Has anyone successfully installed UCCX8 Publisher on an MCS box and a subscriber on UCS?  We'll be using the HA over WAN deployment. Thanks, - WilliamI have not done this, but as long as the MCS server and the supported UCCX Vmware OVA are sized the... Read More

UCCX 8.51 demo license install issue

I have UCCX 8.51 installed on vmware workstation 7.1, and first try to install demo license and interrupted, and after that never success to logon the GUI, so no chance to install the demo license again. Any clue to solve this issue? Thanks,Hi, Licen... Read More

UCCX 8.5(1) media fails

Hi, I'm having a customer where I have to install UCCX 8.5. The first media I got, fails at the media check in the beginning. If I then just ignore the media check and goes directly to the install, then it stops with an error like the one below. It p... Read More

Can I modify exsiting VM (Production UCCX) From 100 Agent UCCX to 300 agents

Dear All, I am in need of your help. My client contact center is running on UCCX 10.5 on UCS C220M3 Medium density. This UCCX is being configured for 100 Agents (i.e 8GB vRAM, 2vCUP and 1x146GB vDisk). Can I modify the existing UCCX VM to accommodate... Read More

UCCX 10.5 upgrade to 10.6

Hi, I have installed UCCX 10.5 using ova 10.5 Now I need to upgrade to 10.6 and there is ova for 10.6 Correct me if I'm wrong or advise for easier steps I'll upgrade existing to 10.6 then get backup. then re-build VM using ova 10.6 then install 10.5... Read More

CCX 8.5 OVA template with 4x 146G HD

Hi guys, I'm currently in the process of upgrading my client's CCX environment from 7.0(1)SR5 on existing MCS 7835 hardware to CCX 8.5(1) on UCS C-series 210-M2. The install guide for CCX 8.5 table 6 on page 16 showed that MCS 7845 with 4x 146G HD is... Read More

UCCX 7.0.1SR5 to 8.0 upgrade while also adding LDAP integration for CUCM - what happens to agents and Historical Reporting data?

Current State: •    I have a customer running CUCM 6.1 and UCCX 7.01SR5.  Currently their CUCM is *NOT* LDAP integrated and using local accounts only.  UCCX is AXL integrated to CUCM as usual and is pulling users from CUCM and using CUCM for login va... Read More

How to find the number simultaneous call at a given moment on UCCX ?

Hello, I would to know how to find the number simultaneous call at a given moment on UCCX ? it's on UCCX or UCCX RTMT, I don't know thanks a lot for your help. AubertHi Gergely, I should made a report on the number simultaneous call at a given moment... Read More

Unable to log in to UCCX v 7.0.1sr5

hello we have a uccx cluster running on version 7.0.1sr5, win 2003.1.4aSR7 this morning when I try to log in to UCCX. I get the following error Error while handling the input request. Error occurred while performing operation. Please contact your sys... Read More

UCCX upgrade 5.0 to 9.0

Hello, We are planning an UCCX upgrade from 5.0 to 9.0 on a UCS server. We're going to do a fresh install, and I would like to know if we will be able to use the old scripts and prompts on the new version, or will we have to build the scripts from sc... Read More

Migrate custom reports UCCX 8.0 to 9.0 issue

Dear all, We migrated UCCX 8.0 to the new UCCX 9.0. After the migration the customized reports (designed with old version of Crystal Reports) not work in the new CCX Historical Reports 9.0. Any idea or procedure to migrate easy the customized reports... Read More

Agents cannot login in UCCX 8.5

Hi All, I have UCCX 8.5, once the Agents want to login they get the following error: "Login failed due to a configuration error. Please ask you system  administrator to associate your phone with the RM JTAPI Provider user ID  according to the instruc... Read More

UCCX forward to voicemail with additional information

Hi , I'm just looking some other precision about the following question .  I will deploy a script with several languages and if no agent are logged or if we are on closed state. then to send the caller to unity voicemail . On this one there is no iss... Read More

Access to UCCX Database

Hi, I'm checking the MSDE of the uccx and trying to register to an external SQL But all trials fail The external SQL require an authentication, I entered the administrator user and password of the uccx windows machine but failed I don't know if it ne... Read More

UCCX: Silent monitoring is not working and recorded file is also not playing

Hi, Running UCM 8.5 cluster with UCCX 8.5. In CSD, silent monitoring is not working. Windows XP OS is running on supervisor desktop. when i select the agent then the silent monitoring icon will highlighted once i click on the icon, after 5-7 seconds... Read More