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Denon EXERCISE FREAK AH-W150 In-Ear Headphones Wireless Fitness Headphones

I am interested in this Denon EXERCISE FREAK AH-W150 In-Ear Headphones Wireless Fitness Headphones, but when I tried to connect via bluebooth, I could only hear someting on the right earphone. Has anybody experienced the same issue? And how to solve... Read More

Headphone wireless

I have to have music on to sleep. But the older I get the more uncomfortable earphones are. The cord gets wrapped around my neck ir body when I roll over after I fall a sleep. With all the technology out there cant anyone make in ear headphones that... Read More

World of Warcraft Headphones (wireless) Static, Poping, Crackling

My headphones work perfectly for video and music, but are failing me when trying to play World of Warcraft. They work fine at the log in screen's, but begin to Snap, crackle, and pop once the game loads up. To add a bit of weirdness to it; if I alt-t... Read More

Have a new hp laptop pavilion g6 amd,i need an adapter to plug in my sony wireless headphones.

Just purchased HP Laptop Pavilion G6 and Sony Headphones [Wireless],find the plug in adapter will not fit Laptop. As I live a far distant from my supplier wondered if this a common problem.I was afraid of that.  When I plugged my older Cinema Display... Read More

Bluetooth headphone with MIC

I'm considering to purchase a Bluetooth headphone with MIC for my iPad mini. If I connect, will the headphone MIC take over the iPad's builtin microphone?Shardsofmetal wrote: However, it sounds like you're saying that the headphones will work but the... Read More

Why do I have to switch from Windows Phone to Andr...

Why do I have to switch from Windows Phone to Android? [September 30, 2014] This year all my friends with Windows Phone (WP) had switched to Android. Why? The Apps. I continued with WP until now because the OS is very cool (particularly the 8.1 deskt... Read More

N97 mini, problems with Cellular Line portable blu...

Hi everyone!  I just bought a portable bluetooth hands-free by Cellular Line for my N97 mini but, as soon as I registered it, I had problems. In fact when I received a phone call my phone started ringing, while the bluetooth didn't and I could only a... Read More

Dimensions and viewing the cube problem

hi there, I have a problem viewing the OLAP cube in excel with OracleBI add on i see the hierarcy gone for a toss, when i view with ROLAP in enterprise manager 9.6 it seems to be fine. i have the dimension table structure as follows ID CODE OPERATOR... Read More

Bluetooth verbinding ipad en iphone

ipad does not find my iphone with bluetoothThe Bluetooth is mainly for connecting headset, headphones, wireless speakers and keyboard.Read other 2 answers... Read More

Bluetooth iPod

Hi, I was looking for devices that could make my iPod bluetooth! I found a couple of stuff: JabraA125s i like that, but i want to use it with wireless headphones, and my... Read More

Initial scan not discovering devices

I've had Spiceworks installed on a 2012 Essentials R2 server for about a month now, haven't tinkered around with it much but would really like to very soon. I cant for the life of me figure out why the daily network device scan at 2AM detects absolut... Read More

Issue: USB HUB displaying corrupt drive Icons

Hello everyone, On my new computer (Windows PRO 8.1 64 Bit, Intel X99 (i7-5960X CPU)) I decided to install a 3.0 USB HUB. The HUB is a EXSYS EX-1181 10-port USB 3.0 HUB. In my initial configuration of my computer, my wireless headphone (LOGITECH wire... Read More

X-Fi: Send same audio to both Speakers and SPDIF?

I'm using an SB X-Fi Titanium Fatalty Pro. Is there a way I can set it to send the same audio to both the analog (speakers) and optical/SPDIF outputs? I've got standard desktop computer speakers and a set of wireless surround-sound headphones that ha... Read More

How do you hook up wireless headphones so you can listen to Apple TV and satellite

Currently I have a direct tv satellite receiver and an Apple TV box.  I'm trying to hook up sony wireless headphones so I can hear both of them.  I watch Netflix on the Apple TV and normal TV viewing on satellite.  I'd like to be able to toggle betwe... Read More

Does the Ipod nano 6th gen capable of sending signal to headphones. Us older folks would like to use wireless headphones versus earphones with a wire.

Is the  ipod nano 6th gen capable of sending signal to wireless headphones. I am 57 and do not like earphones and wire. Would like to get the nano. I understand the iphone 4 can use wireless headphones, but i can not wear it on my wrist like a watch.... Read More

Iv upgraded to ios 6 on my iphone 4 and surprise surprise i can now no longer listen to music on my wireless headphones through bluetooth as it now jumps and loses signal just a metre or two away and especially if my hand is covering the top of the phone

Iv upgraded to ios 6 on my iphone4 and i can no longer listen to my bluetooth wireless headphones as the signal is now that poor it must be deemed in heaven cuz it no longer alive and kicking, i am not happy about this in the slightest infact its a .... Read More

Can I use wireless headphones with my iPod 4G and if so how?, Can I use wireless headphones with my iPod 4G and if so how?

I am looking at be headphones but they're wireless and I was just wandering if I could use them with my iPod without wifi or any Internet connection and if so how?Yes, but they must use Blue Tooth. You will find many that will work.Read other 2 answe... Read More

HT1947 I can't seem to get my earphones to work on my iPad mini whe using iTunes remote. I can stream to any Airplay capable system perfectly. Just want to be able to listen to headphones iTunes "wirelessly"

I can't seem to get my headphones to work on my iPad mini when using iTunes remote. I can stream to any Airplay capable system perfectlyvia Remote and control iTunes on my iMac as advertised. Just want to be able to listen to iTunes on my iPad "wirel... Read More

In need of dual wireless headphones for vizio tv. Does sony make?

Good morning.  I am looking for a pair of headphones that are wireless that would work with our Vizio tv.   My husband has hearing aids but they don't work as well as they could and the TV is very loud for dual watching.     What I am looking for is... Read More

Looking for dual wireless rechargeable headphone system with dual docks

I'm looking for a pretty specific product, and was wondering if anyone knows of a product that'll fit the bill. I want a wireless dual headphone system with a charging dock for each headset. Transmitter should accept line level signal from dual RCA p... Read More