The SDO interface failed to be invoked


Interfaces fails twice but executes correclty from next time

Hi, I have interfaces which are coping data from MS Access tables to oracle tables. NOw here i am facing somewhat strange issue. I have 3 environments Dev,Test and PROD. Now when i am moving scenarios from TEST to PROD ,the interfaces fails for first... Read More

Failover interface failed

Hi,    I have 2 ASA 5520 firewall configured with HA(Failover). but some time my primary firewall goes down standby firewall doesnt come active. i found below log from primary firewall..what is the reason & what is the mining of reason code of 4... N... Read More

[vmware] Virtual machine communication interface failed

hello, on a fresh install of archlinux, i have installed vmware workstation 11.0 but when i execute this command : vmware-modconfig --console --install-all i have this error Virtual machine communication interface failed full log vmware-modconfig --c... Read More

Software installation external audio interface fails Terratec dmx6 fire usb

Software installation external audio interface fails Terratec dmx6 fire usb. Dear Apple Power User in this forum, here is a question for some of us experts. I have a external usb audio interface Terratec, Model: DMX 6 fire USB. Read More

Webservice interface failed, sapstartsrv stopped

Hi, in our SRM production (abap+java) system's syslog we get following error --> webservice interface failed, sapstartsrv stopped ================= We are not sure what error is this. Can somebody help in this? Thanks in Advance, Akki.Hi Please see r... Read More

Send an email if interface fails

Hi experts I am working in CRM 6.0 Service project. Here we are creating service ticket. Once the ticket is created, status and BP details will be sent to 3rd party back office system. If it is successfully posted in the back office system, CRM will... Read More

Payables Open Interface failed-help plz.

All, Version: The project is about integrating the legacy system with Oracle 11i. i.e we are importing invoices created in 3rd party appln and importing it to Oracle thru Payables Open interface. I'm stuck with 1 use case. i.e invoice again... Read More

Failed to compile invoke.c with bcc32.exe

tried to compile the invoke.c(from java tutorial) using the following command but failed. D:\code>bcc32 -Ic:\Borland\Bcc55\include;D:\java\j2sdk1.3.1_03\include;D:\java\j2sdk1.3.1_03\include\win32 -LD:\java\j2sdk1.3.1_03\lib\jvm.lib;D:\java\j2sdk1.3.... Read More

Rmi interface not loading when invoked from class in package

Hi, It would be a great help if you could help me out with the following problem: The RMIClient fails to detect the remote object interface in the current directory when i place it within a package. 1) I tried placing the remote object interface in t... Read More

Interface Failing when ever we do maintanace!

Dear All, We are facing a Big problem everytime in our prduction server please help! Problem:  SENDER SERVER:RFC          RECEIVER SERVER: IDOC       MIDDLEWARE:+XI 3.0 with latest patch+ Every week when ever we restart our Receiver Server (for maint... Read More

ODI XML interface failed due to Table not found.

Hi, ODI interface from xml file to DB failed with "-22 : S0002 : java.sql.SQLException: Table not found: INDIVIDUAL" getting successfull connection in Topology but interface is not working.this interface is running in Prod from more tahn an year... Read More

Is my SATA Interface failing?

History: Macbook Pro 13" (late 2008 with Snow Leopard installed) would not shutdown. I left it on overnight hoping it would shutdown but it was still at a gray screen in the morning. So I force-powered it off by holding the power button. When powerin... Read More

Validate replenishment interface fails even if one item is invalid or locator is invalid

Gurus, INCRVL (Validate replenishment interface) program completes fine and all the records in the mtl_replenish_lines_int table for that replenishment count fails. We found that a locator was end-dated for one of the items in the replenishment count... Read More

WLS9.2 to WL10.3.2 service fails: Unable to invoke Annotation processoror

Hello, We have a spring based webservice which is currently deployed on an OSB 2.6.1 cluster and is working there without problems. Since we are upgrading to OSB 10.3.1 and we want to divide OSB functionality from supporting webservices, we are tryin... Read More

Write a file if interface fails

Hi I have main map which reads 60 different files for clean up and we write xml files out. Then 60 Different Interface maps reads them and process separately based on type of file. no BPM involved. Just straight maps For error handling part, business... Read More

Service-policy on Vlan interface failed

Hi, All! This is my configuration: class-map match-any voip_control_trust-CMAP match ip dscp cs3 match ip dscp af31 class-map match-any voip_rtp_trust-CMAP match ip dscp ef class-map match-any internetwork-cntrl-CMAP match ip dscp cs6 policy-map outp... Read More

Akamai NetSession Interface failes to install client: Unable to register Control Panel. Aborting installation.

I am trying to eval SQL Server 2014 for use on a new BI project that we starting. However, the first step, downloading and installing the Akamai NetSession Interface (download mgr. ) is failing to install on my laptop due, as it raises the following... Read More

WRVS4400N responds to pings but web interface fails

Hello. I have a WRVS4400N router in a remote office.  I have connectivity to the office and computers there.  But the web interface for the router is failing to come up.  This happens once every few days or so.  Is there any utility or something that... Read More

Iptables and fw-interfaces fails me

iptables -A FORWARD -j fw-interfaces iptables -A FORWARD -j fw-open Those two fails me. iptables v1.3.8: Couldn't load target `fw-interfaces':/usr/lib/iptables/ cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory Try `ip... Read More

Error -2146959355 server execution failed on ActiveX Invoke Node?

I wrote a VI to reload all the module prototypes of the steps in a TestStand sequence (note: all code modules are LabView VI's).  Whenever it gets to the LabViewModule.LoadPrototype call, I get a "server execution failed" error (error code -2146... Read More