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Archiving table CDCLS

Hi gurus, I have been requested to provide soution to archive CDCLS table entries with periodic process as this table encoured 'problem' while migrating to UNICODE (it was test scenario but we noted that export took very long time because of lots of... Read More

How to delete the entries in CDCLS table

Hi All, There is a potential issue with the size of table CDCLS on production system. We need to reduce or manage the amount of data in this table. CDCLS is a cluster table and cannot be reduced directly, So first we were reduced the entries in CDHDR... Read More

Unable to retrieve nametab info for logic table BSEG during Database Export

Hi, Our aim is to Migrate to New hardware and do the Database Export of the existing System(Unicode) and Import the same in the new Hardware I am doing Database Export on SAP 4.7 SR1,HP-UX ,Oracle 9i(Unicode System) and during Database Export "Post L... Read More

View for CDPOS & CDHDR tables

Hi all, I am developing a report for which I am fetching fields from CDPOS & CDHDR tables (both r cluster tables). when i run st05, it fetches values from a cluster table CDCLS which takes most of the database time. Is there any view for CDPOS & C... Read More

Problem with import of split tables.

We are creating copy of our  production system. The system copy has a change of Operating system from HP-UX to Windows X86_64 and is also has unicode conversion. We followed the following steps: 1) Performed post copy steps and pre-unicode conversion... Read More

Customer Defined Data Classes on Cluster Tables?

Hi all, I noticed that there is no option within db13 to change the storage option to a customer defined data class, for cluster tables. I am sure this is by design but wanted to check to see if anyone has had any luck defining a data class on a clus... Read More

Physical table list against Cluster Table CDPOS and PCDPOS

Hello experts, For function customized requirement, we need to know the physical table list against Cluster Table CDPOS and PCDPOS and EDID4, just like Cluster Table BSEG contain with six physical tables BSAD/BSID/BSAS/BSIS/BSAK/BSIK. Also we want to... Read More

RE: CDCLS too hugh for conversion

Hi, we are in the process of migration for unicode. The CDHDR and CDPOS file to too hugh and I would like to reduce the amount of data before conversion. I understand that archiving will helps to reduce it. Beside archiving, is there an alternative w... Read More

Database export stops with the following warnings.

Hello, I am doing a Database Export/Import Activity. My DB is MS SQL server 2000 and SAP R/3 (4.6C SR2 , 4.6D kernel). When i try to do a DB export with option split STR and EXT files, my export stops abruptly without giving any erorrs but with a who... Read More

Error in installation of ECC IDES 6 - at abap import

i am getting import monitor failed during ecc6 setup on vmware with win 2003 enterprise, ram 2000 mb with 400 gb esata disk. installing ECC6 SR2 IDES on Oracle with just the abap dump. following is from the import_monitor log file: TRACE: 2009-07-14... Read More

Error when import ABAP stage for Database Instance Installation

I got error for DI Installation for ERP2005 (NW2004sSR2) on Windows 2003 R2, MSSQL2005 on IA64. Below is are logs. Please help. Thanks in advance. [code] java version "1.4.2_13" Java(TM) 2 Runtime Environment, Standard Ed... Read More

Archiving Change Documents - XML Archiving.

Hello Archiving experts, I need to archive change documents of my application. There is already a change document archiving class "CHGDOCU" which I can use for this. But this is only for ADK based approach. Basically, I want to know if there is... Read More

Kernel patch Upgrade Form 994 to1068(40B_EXT)

Hi, We are migrating OS,DB From V5R2 to V5R4. We are currently working with COM kernel on our OLD boxes. Now we have applied 4.0B_EXT kernel 994 successfully from CD(51020599) in new Box. Now need to apply 1068 patch to support our V5R4 box. How can... Read More

Regarding dislpay of text description in MM04

HI, i am working on a report which is related to tcode MM04 as it is showing the changes made to material.i am able to display all the fields but i was not able to show the FIELD DESCRIPTION field in my report. plzz help me by giving which table i sh... Read More

Archiving change documents: any experience?

Hi, We hav some 500 million entries in CDPOS and must archive. Can anyone share experience in archiving change documents? Should I use TX SARA like archiving any other business object? Thanks in advance THi Thomas, if you want to go with SARA, you wo... Read More

Workflow - long runtime

hi gurus, we are experiencing slow system perf because of workflow running.  basis team told us that wf-batch is eating up resources in server.  when they checked it, it is targetting to this table: CDCLS. and the report is SAPLZWF_.  we have no idea... Read More

Export of CDCLS table running for more than 72 hours

Hello , We are doing a Combined Upgrade and Unicode Conversion of CRM 4.0 system to CRM 7.0(Running Oracle 10.2) . We have run parallel Export/import . The Export and Import of all tables have finished except CDCLS , whcih is being runnign for almost... Read More

Reading table clusters ex CDCLS

Hi Experts,              When trying to load table from table cluster CDCLS into an internal table the field VARDATA has the data 0001000100014344504F5320202020200290008300010131050000121F9D0267ACFA8CAC7A0C4CCE2E01FEC10A2010626064AC800F189A608A9108BC... Read More

Fbl1n: which table contents all items)

Hello, I need to know in which table I can find all items show in the fbl1n transaction. Not only the 'Open Items' because these are in the bsik table. Can anybody help me? And another problem I have is how to transform the BSIK-SHKZG + BSIK-WRBTR in... Read More

Split a large table into multiple packages - R3load/MIGMON

Hello, We are in the process of reducing the export and import downtime for the UNICODE migration/Conversion. In this process, we have identified couple of large tables which were taking long time to export and import by a single R3load process. Step... Read More