Hi, This is the table which has workflow container data in the form of a binary data. Now my question is I would like to delete these files from the system. We have nearly 3 million records now in our system and this size would increase further. If w... Read More

Compressed table using oracle advanced compression but space is not release

Dear Experts, I am using oracle with sap as application I have compressed one of my largest indetified table "SWWCNTP0" as per below statement Alter table sapsr3.SWWCNTP0 compress for oltp; After this i have performed reorg for the abov... Read More

WorkItem ID- Object ID

Dear Gurus, I want to Know the table where i can input Work item ID and Get SC details(Object ID) or Vice versa. I want the table not Function module. Please help me out Regards GirishHi Please look for following Workflow related Work-item tables. Ta... Read More

Work Flow Report

Hi, 1. I need to develop a report  on ZFD1 sales order  charged to cost center .    SAP Work Flow will have ZFD1 Sales order details. 2.I am using VBAK , VBAP , T001 , ZA27 along with WF tables. 3.I need to what are the WF tables to be used  for ( WF... Read More

Shopping cart tables in SRM

Hello SRM Gurus, In SRM which tables shopping cart data will be stored? I am checking in reqhead and reqline tables but there is no data existed. Please let me know shopping cart tables in SRM Thanks RaviHi Ravi, please see the full list: Table Descr... Read More

Database table for Workflow Container values

hi, I am on SAP ECC 6.0 I am trying to find workflow id number starting from document number I try to find database table which has containe values of the workflow instances so that I can get workflow/workitem instance numbers for the document this i... Read More

Deleting of obsolete "interface data" by archiving

Hi all We use PI as a platform for distributing incoming non-SAP data to other non-SAP systems. During this process especially the table SWWCNTP0 grows extremely... What I found out is that I have to archive and afterward delete "Workitems" to h... Read More

XML Persistence via ODBC

If you've been coding your XML schemas manually, you may be interested to know that MERANT has recently introduced ODBC drivers that can, with a single line of code, take Oracle result sets and persist them as XML. We offer a GUI tool for quick and d... Read More

PSAPSR3- Database Growth unusually

Dear All in our SAP XI - Oracle 10g database, shows an unusuall grownt comparing to  lats cople of months .. if you see the following growth which i extracted through DB13 , comparing to the last severel months it shows that tablespace "PSAPSR3"... Read More

Archiving of Work Item

Hi All,         I have a requirement in my project where i need to archive the workitems. When archived i can see the steps that have been excecuted in the workflow, but i am not able to navigate to the content of the mail that was sent to the agent... Read More