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I bought a mac book air. when i use sony bluetooth headset on mac os, it works well, but on windows 7 it can't work in the device manager. why?

i bought a mac book air. when i use sony bluetooth headset on mac os. it works well but with windows 7, device manager did not know the device. why?I disabled my microphone in Bootcamp Win7 Ultimate 64B and now it is completly gone. I used the Window... Read More

No sound on my Sony Bluetooth Headset because Windows 7 can't find Bluetooth peripheral device driver

SO, I am dealing this problem for the second day in a row and no working solution still. I own the latest iMac 2014 (though the model is exactly as 2013) 2,7 Ghz with Bluetooth 4.0, I've installed through Bootcamp Windows 7 x64. My bluetooth headset... Read More

Official Sony Bluetooth Headset for PS3 charging time?

I was using my Sony PS3 Bluetooth Headset today and it needed to charge. Like anyone would do I took the cable and plugged it into the wall using. I plugged it in at noon. It is now 10:41 PM and it is still showing a red light meaning it is still cha... Read More

Nokia Lumia 1520 not finding Bluetooth headsets

Hello I have a nokia Lumia 1520 and it won't connect to the two bluetooth headsets I have. They are not even showing up to connect to.  I tried with a Microsoft Xbox 360 Wireless Headset (bluetooth version 3.0) and a Sony MBH10 (bluetooth version 1.2... Read More

SBH80 Sony Bluetooth

Dear Support, I purchased the SBH80 Sony Bluetooth headset and it was successfully connected to my smartphone. This device has a mutlipoint mode in which i can connect it to 2 devices. I am trying to pair it with my HP laptop using windows 8.1 but i... Read More

Bluetooth headset disconnecting when not in use

I noticed that when not in use, the Sony Bluetooth headset disconnects from the phone. Didn't see that problem with the Samsung Galaxy Music. Is this a battery saving feature of Stamina mode? Solved! Go to Solution.Hi,  Depending on which headset you... Read More

HP Pavilion 15 Notebook PC Bluetooth Headset Connectivi​ty with Sony

Hi,     I have bought HP Pavilion 15 Notebook (n208tx) a few days earlier. I want to buy Sony SBH 20B bluetooth headsets to use both for my sony xperia smart phone and my HP Pavalion. In this sony headset link, under bluetooth section > compatible pr... Read More

Sony MW1 Bluetooth Headset

Hey guys, I have just bought the Sony MW1 bluetooth headset for the many features it offers. I am satisfied with what it has offered till now but I am unable to figure out how to use the MP3 player functionality on it. I didnt get a micro-sd card nor... Read More

My iPhone 4 doesn't recognise my Sony HBH60 Bluetooth headset?

My iPhone 4 won't pair with my Sony HBH60 Bluetooth headset? please help?There is no logical reason why changing a sim stops the iPhone working did they try another sim in your iPhone ,there might be a slight difference in positioning caused by the n... Read More

Cannot pair Sony MW1 smart bluetooth headset with Avantree Saturn (bluetooth dongle)

How can I pair my Sony MW1 smart bluetooth headset with Avantree Saturn (bluetooth dongle)? It kept showing "codes not matching", which means the wrong passkey codes auto-entered. But I can't enter any right codes the Avantree Saturn needed (&qu... Read More

Review A2DP Bluetooth Headset Sony HBH-DS200 with Leopard 10.5.1

Hello, this is first post... I'm sorry if my English is not perfect. I wanted to buy a headset A2DP after discovering that the Leopard supported .... so I decided to create a mini-review. Yesterday I bought A2DP Bluetooth Headset Sony HBH-DS200 Match... Read More

Using Sony Ericsson HBH-608 Bluetooth Headset for mac

Dear All, I have decided to pair up my "Sony Ericsson HBH-608 Bluetooth Headset" to my macbook. I have successfully paired it up with my mac, but i am not able to use it. I mean, i want to use it as a mic and headset to get over calls using skyp... Read More

SOUND LEVEL LAG on Sony´s bluetooth headsets (SBH 20)

"""SOUND LEVEL LAG? - Sony's bluetooth headset""" first two positions of sound level are silent (same), next two rise level by one (but both positions have same sound level), next two again rise level by one (but both are the... Read More

Sony ps3 bluetooth headset keeps turning itself off

I recently purchased the official sony ps3 bluetooth headset, hoping it would also work with my mac. I've paired it, and successfully used it but the headset itself keeps turning off. Has anyone else experienced this issue? Thanks~Yes, it's fully cha... Read More

Apple Bluetooth Headset - Paring with Windows and Other Questions

Love my new Apple Bluetooth Headset, works great. My first one did have a problem with poor range but this one is a lot better. I've been wanting to use the headset as a mic. Windows XP finds the headset find but I can't tell if it's connecting or no... Read More

Apple Bluetooth Headset pair with more than one phone?

HI there, Is it possible to pair the Apple Bluetooth Headset to more than one phone, obviously not at the same time. (I have an iphone and Sony ericsson phone and need to use it with both.) Thanks in advance for help. Regards Nickunlike some of the s... Read More

Which Bluetooth Headset should I buy for my Iphone 4s ios6.

I want to buy Bluetooth Headsets for my Iphone 4s with ios 6. I am confuse for I should go? Please guide me? I selected 2 Sony MW600/Plantronics Black Beat GOI have the lifeproof waterproof case and got JayBird Freedom 3 bluetooth headphones to go wi... Read More

My LG G3 won't detect my bluetooth headsets

I have two Sony Ericsson bluetooth headsets, MW600 and HBH-IS800. They both worked fine on my old Droid RAZR MAXX, but my LG G3 doesn't even detect them. All that it picks up is my neighbors Roku Player. I've made the phone visible, searched for devi... Read More

Pairing e71 with Bluetooth Headset

Just got an e71, but I can't pair it with my Sony Ericsson HBH-PV702 Bluetooth headset. I can pair with other mobiles, but it say that it can't find the device. Can anyone help me please.Hi, In that case I would recommend trying this method here to r... Read More

Song Metadata Not displayed on MW600 bluetooth headset, any way of fixing this?

I have a ipod touch 4g on 4.3.3 and i have a sony ericsson MW600 hifi bluetooth headset, I know that the ipod touch 4g has AVRCP profile but when i pair the two together, the song playing is not displayed on the headset, why is that? if i pair it wit... Read More