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Why do we keep getting Verizon flyers about FIOS through snail mail for years?

Hello. According to Verizon's web site and phone calls for the last several years, FIOS and DSL services are unavailable in my two house areas. It only shows DirecTV (over the air (OTA)'s local broadcast channels are enough for my family) and phone s... Read More

I need help syncing my contacts between Outlook and iPhone using iTunes. I followed the steps given and ended up with just email addresses showing in my contacts even though I have phone numbers and snail mail in my Outlook Contacts. Using  Windows 7

I need help syncing my contacts between Outlook and iPhone using iTunes. I used the knowldge document and set it up to transfer my Outlook contacts to the iphone using itunes. In contacts on the iphone I only see the email addresses. Yet in Outlook I... Read More

Warning: Snail Mail and the Mifi 4510L

I recently chose to come back to Verizon because of the Mifi 4510L 4G LTE.  It's my first Verizon product in over five years. It really is a top notch product and the speeds are indeed fantastic.  However, I cannot say the same thing about Verizon cu... Read More

The class I am teaching starts Monday and I cannot wait for snail mail return of my serial number. M

The class I am teaching starts Monday and I cannot wait for snail mail return of my serial number. My product code is <removed by mod, kglad>. What help can of give me?contact adobe support, Read More

Snail Mail

Since I installed Leopard Mail send is very slow - snails pace when there are attachments. Anything I can do here to speed things up?Try migrating your inbox contents to another mailbox folder except those most essential for you to look at. See what... Read More

How can I send a snail mail card from iPhoto?

I read that the cards app has been terminated but in the cancellation announcement, apple says to try iPhoto on Mac. I have a MacBook Pro, iPhone 4S and 3rd gen. iPad. I have looked at iPhoto but I can't find any way to send a card. Is there is a way... Read More

How to Scan a code from a snail mail or magazine

I don't know what the codes are called (they aren't the same as bar codes, but the same principle).  I can't find any documentation on how to do this with my S3.  I got some mail from a company I very frequently do business with that has one of those... Read More

Safari loads like snail mail after upgrading to MS Office 2008 SVP1

I installed the latest Microsoft update to office today. Immediately after that Safari came to a grinding halt. It takes forever to get to any page. Anyone seen similar problem?Same thing has happened to my MacBook running 10.5.3 Safari just hangs wi... Read More

Where can I write email and snail mail regarding my iphone experience?

Greetings. I loved the Iphone 3G for everything except the weak battery (known issue - and I could have lived with it) and horrible phone quality (dropped calls, calls that would not go through, calls where I could hear them and they could not hear m... Read More

Expedited UPS shipment transferred to USPS, making it slower than snail mail?

Hi, I made an order on November 18 which was to be shipped expedited by UPS. Normally expedited shipments arrive here before the weekend if ordered on Tuesday the same week. However, looking at the tracking at UPS, it says the following: "As requeste... Read More

I am trying to open a file that was e-mailed to me in the PDF format, when I click on it, the icon shows ''connecting'', but doesn't open the file are allow me to save it to my computer so I can open it with Adobe Reader, what else can I do??

My suppliers e-mail me a copy of my monthly statements which is so much better than using snail mail, but since I have started using Mozilla Firefox, I can't seem to get them to open nor will it allow me to save them to my computer. Do you have any i... Read More

Is there a way to print an e-mail without also printing a long list of addresses?

I am a recipient of some newsletters whose authors include recipient e-mail addresses in the To and CC fields. Occasionally I want to forward the newsletter to friends who are not on-line. (Yes, there are still some around.) I do this by printing the... Read More

I - cloud e-mail frequently not loading, firefox crashing frequently

Very disgusted with i - cloud so far - no advantage to me, as I have only desktop Imac, no cell phone, tablet, laptop, etc to "push" info too - for me, this is a huge step backwards from mobile me to i - cloud - I am often not having my e-mail m... Read More

Best iPad mail app for attachments

I'll be picking up the new iPad Air in the next few days and am wondering what email app I should use for attachements. My work uses a Gmail hosted email service, and I'm a Gmail user myself, so ideally it would have multi-account support. In my work... Read More

Help, please: how can we see who Tiger mail is keeping out of email?

I just upgraded to Tiger and I'm noticing I'm getting less email; this is good when it is spam being kept out, but I think it is keeping out some mail I'd like to get... I've added all I can think of to my address book, but I need to see all the emai... Read More

User Participation -- Collaborative e-Mail SPAM Filter -- ??Possible??

Mail...I like it...can't wait until Leopard is released to get easy to use HTML templates. This is not my point. I am curious about SPAM. Is there some way that Mail can have a a Junk button for instance that tells not only my system th... Read More

Serious Apple Mail BUG!

Bug Whenever a computer is not connected to the internet and email has been written in Apple Mail while it's in offline mode and the application closed and then re-opened in "Offline" mode, Mail attempts to send mail sitting in the outbox nevert... Read More

I bought ilife 11 but cant update it. Is there any e-mail address which can i get help about ilife 11

i bought ilife 11 but cant update it. Is there any e-mail address which can i get help about ilife 11? i bought it from Turkey website. and i paid the price bu i cant update it and there are nothing i can do? i called the turkey's apple... Read More

E-mail complaint?

Does anyone know where to direct a complaint about Apple's customer service to? I've scanned the website and can't find any contact e-mail addresses. Or would it be a pointless exercise anyway?You need to call or write snail mail. They don't have an... Read More

Did anyone get the extra 40k Ritz Carlton points via paper mail? If not, here is the link

So I got a snail mail a while back and just got around to opening it. If you plan on staying there, here is the link to get the extra 40k points. I checked the link and it is not tailored to me specifically and anyone can enjoy...  You need your Ritz... Read More