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Printing of transparent image in background for Smartforms

Hi, Please help me in printing the graphics/image (already uploaded in SE78) as a background picture with a condition that is i want to print it when certain condition is been satisfied. Thanks.hi <b>create a Graphic window</b>, include the gr... Read More

Error  while smartform call in a Report

Hi All, I'm working on standard Smartform 'EBPP_DEBIT_CREDIT_MEMO'(biller Notification) calling in a report.In report smartform generating function module successfully(/1BCDWB/SF00000095). problem accuring while calling the generating function module... Read More

Problem with gray background in SmartForms

Hi all I have uploaded a logo via SE78. The logo have white background both in windows and in the print preview in SAP (SE78). When I insert the logo in my SmartForm the background gets gray, not white. I have tried just to upload a picture that is o... Read More

Long Text Field in Transparent Table

Hi, I have a requirement more than 3 fields in table with more than 4000 character and same data or text to print using smartforms. I have taken string data type in transparent table but maximum 3 fields can be  string data type in a table. And after... Read More

Error generating test frame - smartform -flat structure

When i run the smartform,its giving an error message saying "Error generating test frame".When i run through driver program it gives dump saying "zmbook must be flat structure". Now the problem is in smartform -> form interface ->... Read More

Background for smartforms

Hi,    Please explain me the steps for creating background in smartforms. Regards, SreejaDisplaying a Background Picture for Copy Purposes Use In your business procedures, you may often want to use existing forms as patterns for creating new ones. Yo... Read More

SMARTFORMS - Step by Step Tutorial

Hi All, I am looking for a step-by-step detail example for Smart Forms. It would be great if it was up-to-date and not including the now extinct COMPLEX STRUCTURE option. <b><REMOVED BY MODERATOR></b> Many Thanks, Dips Naik SAP Consultan... Read More


Hello, I need to print a logo in a Smartform. The background of the logo is transparent but when I try to upload the logo to SAP some errors occurs: -From BMP to SAP, the quality colors is worse than the orignial -From TIFF to SAP, I get the followin... Read More

Filename in Webdynpro for a PDF created with Smartform

Hi, I created a PDF with Smartform in my Webdynpro-Application. When I click the save button there is a default filename f.pdf . How can I change the filename? Regards Marcus SchugHi Experts, any update on this? I am facing the same problem with ESS... Read More

Sy-tabix for internal table in smartform

Hi friends, How to capture the sy-tabix value for the entries in an internal table which has been looped into the loop of table node of a smartform?? I need to print something immedaitely after the end of the table For every record the value of sy-ta... Read More

How can I make a transparent animated gif?

I'm using CS2. I have an animated gif that I want to take the black background out of so that the animated part of it is all that remains. Here is a link to the image: I basically... Read More

Keynote 3: Transparent Animated GIF Problems

I've been trying to get an animated GIF with a transparent background to run in Keynote, but it's giving some disastrous results. I produce the animation by rendering the frames as PNG (with alpha channel) in MegaPOV 1.2.1. Then I use the convert uti... Read More

Dunning won't print to smartform

Hey all, I've been trying to set up the Dunning process to print to the standard SAP dunning smartform (F150_DUNN_SF). Here's what I've done so far: 1. Used transaction BF31 to change the function module for dunning to FI_PRINT_DUNNING_NOTICE_SMARTF.... Read More

Smartforms: How 2 fire print & download 2 PDF simultaniously 4  my forms

Dear Murugesh, Cristian   The following is my piece of code which directly downloads my forms into PDF but not creating any spool 4 firing print , 1) I need the both to happen simultaniously . 2) I need to include the o/p(either SAPScript/report o/p)... Read More

Is there a way to create a semi-transparency with Java?

I would like to be able to create a semi transparent form and I was does anyone know how to do this?import java.awt.*; import java.awt.geom.*; import java.awt.image.*; import*; import*; import javax.imageio.*; import javax.swing.*;... Read More

How to print the superscript in smartform

Hi gurus, Please tell me the procedure how to print the superscript in middle of the text displaying? when we are displaying the smartform its converted to some special character like & . please let me know procedure at the earliest Regards RajHi tha... Read More

How to print horizantal lines in smartforms?

hi friends,                    how to print horizantal lines in smartforms. waiting for ur valuble replies. Thanks, KiranHI, If u use templates or table,then use borders to print the horizontal lines. Eg : Create template-->Table painter->click sele... Read More

How to print a bullet in smartforms?

Hi All, How to print a bullet in smartforms? I need it urgently. Any help would be appeciated. Regards, Mahesh.Hi, if i remember correct <600> is the value for bullets. you can insert this using sap system symbols ---> select bullets (before this... Read More

How to print Check Box in smartform

HI,   How to print check box in smartforms. I am using Include Sap Symbol but in the print it is coming as #. Do we need to do any setting like we do for barcode? Thanks Raghavendrahi, u can print a check box in different ways.. by inserting symbols... Read More

Can I change the background color of a video thumbnail to view a silhouettes transparancy in Bridge

I see this question asked a ton on here, and never EVER am I finding an answer.  I know in the past (Adobe CS 5) in Bridge you could view the transparency of a black silhouette image against a medium grey so you could see the content of the clip.  Ad... Read More