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Bristle brush outline won't realtime render when painting

Hello. I recently upgraded to CS5 and was delighted to get to work with the new fantastic bristle brushes. I really love them... Then when I started Photoshop a couple of days ago, they wouldn't work properly; partly because they act kind of twitchy... Read More

Healing Brush Outline

Just a quick question.  Am currently using Photoshop 7, and don't recall if it's possible to change the color of the healing brush outline.  When I use the healing brush, the outline of the brush size is a light blue color.  I'd be able to see it muc... Read More

How to get tapered brushes in cs5 photoshop

Hi, I have cs5 photoshop and it seems to have a very limited amount of brush styles. Other people with cs5 have a large range of standard styles. I am just after the standard tapered end brush (tapered on both ends) CheersGo to Window>Brush, click on... Read More

Problem With Brushes Pressure CS5

Hello all. I'm using a Photoshop Cs5 with a Wacom Cintiq 12wx Tablet (I'm using PC with WinXP). I'm having some problems withe the pressure, it doesn't work on Photoshop, (I tried it on CS3 & CS5), and I did clicked on the Tablet options in PS. The p... Read More

'Adjustment Brush' in CS5 Bridge

The adjustment brush in my CS5 Bridge is no longer working. Can some offer me a solution?The adjustment brush in my CS5 Bridge is no longer working This is a tool in Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) and ACR is a plug in that works in both Photoshop and Bridge.... Read More

Can't load tpl brush presets (CS5, Mac OSX 10.5)

Hi all, I'm using Photshop CS5.1 on my Mac (OSX 10.5.8) and don't seem to be able to load tpl files. I put the file in Photoshop's "presets -> tools" folder and tried to open it via the brush presets picker. When I browse for the file, only A... Read More

How do you load brushes in CS5?

I have jumped from CS2 to CS5. I am using Windows with the Vista operating system. I can't seem to load brushes.  I have loaded the .abr files in the Adobe>Adobe PhotoshopCs5>Presets>Brushes folder. When I go to load brushes none (including the p... Read More

Standard brushes in CS5 Photoshop have disappeared

Please Help! I can't seem to find my standard brush set in my CS5 Photoshop. If the brushes are lost can I reload them from the internet or do I have to reload from my software? Thanks!Probably not lost, have you tried to reset the brush?Read other 2... Read More

Problems with "history brush" in CS5.1

I have somehow have activated the history brush in Photoshop CS5.1  Now it appears in all of my files in the history box and I don't know how to de-activate it.  Is there some trick?  Did it get stuck there because I took a snapshot of something?  I... Read More

Photoshop CC Brush Outline Issue (image)

I am having this strange effect when using the brush tool in photoshop cc. Whenever I use the brush tool, the outline of the marks the brush tool makes is much darker than the rest of the color. What could be causing this? Opacity is at 100%, Flow is... Read More

New Roto Brush in CS5. Worth the upgrade?

I'm sure everyone by now has seen presentations of the new AE CS5. Besides native support for 64-bit platforms, they introduced a very appealing feature called Roto Brush. Besides Adobe employees telling "how great it is", did anyone outside Ado... Read More

Slow brush in CS5

Hi Just bought CS5 and the usual problem that so many others are having. The functions work fine but when it comes to paint with a brush it lags a second behind. The bigger the brush the more it lags. Turning off openGL does nothing and changes the s... Read More

Clone stamp tool - my "brush" outline has disappeared. How do I get the outline back?

I have been using the clone stamp tool for a few weeks without any problems, but a few days ago the outline of the brush disappeared.  I can still clone an area and replace the undesired area, however, I can't see the exact area that will be affected... Read More

Trouble using brushes in CS5 that were made in CC?

I've been searching around for an answer to this, but I can't seem to find what I need. I have a customer who is in Spain (language barrier, shew) and is having trouble loading some brushes I made in CC into CS5. He keeps getting an error message sta... Read More

Do you have any brushes for CS5?

Do you have any special  brushes for Photoshop CS5? I saw Adobe TV,there are very special brushes in the Photoshop CS5! I think,these are not photoshop cs5 own brushes? Are these  brushees of the third party? The video follow: Read More

Healing Brush tool CS5

Hey everybody, I just recently got PS CS5 Extended and tried playing around with it a little bit. To be honest I don't like the way the Healing Brush tool works in this version and was wondering if there is some way to make it work as it did in PS CS... Read More

CS3 Brushed to CS5?

I have quite good collection of Photoshop CS3 brushes but I have not been able to import them to CS 5. How can I do this?Just put your saved Set from CS3 into /Applications/Adobe Photoshop CS5/Presets/Brushes and it should after restarting the applic... Read More

CS6 Pshop - Loading brushes from CS5.5

I have brush selections in CS5.5 which are not in CS6. Do I simply "Load" them from CS5.5 or drag them into Brushes folder (6). Will 5.5 brushes even function on 6?   thanks icfivesthanks. This worked. However one custom brush I created, as inst... Read More

Custom Brushes CS4/CS5

I have been trying to create a brush that looks like a REAL marker.  Looking at my image you can see the issue I am having.  Top image is a real marker scan.  Middle/left image is a calligraphic brush in illustrator.  Bottom image is what I used to c... Read More

Transfer brushes from cs5 to adobe cc

can you transfer brushes and colour palettes from cs5 into photoshop cc?Sure. Simply save them as abr and ase files from the flyouts in the relevant palettes and load them the same way. MyleniumRead other 6 answers... Read More