Screen 0001 could not be generated.


Modified standard SAP Org Assignment screen (0001)

Hi All I have modified standard SAP screen for module pool MP000100 screen 2000, 2007, 2010. I have added a Lable, Input filed and an output filed. I have also created a serach help for the input filed, and there is a text which needs to be displayed... Read More

Selection screen event in tbale maintainance generator

Hi experts,      I had created Table maintainance for Ztable..Now req is i have to some of the delete the entries of table based on input values of user.Now table maintainance displayin all the entries of database table.but before entries to be delet... Read More

JAX-RPC screen does not appear when generating a WS proxy

I'm using JDev When I tried to generate a Web Service proxy, this screen does NOT appear most of the time. I only saw it appear one time. Do you know why? It's step 2 of the wizard. Client Style + JAX-RPC Web Logic Style + JAX-WS StyleWhene... Read More

I have a 4K monitor and want to see a full screen slideshow using the jpeg generated when I "save" a raw file in the raw converter.

I have a 4K monitor (actually a 50 inch Samsung TV).  Looking at my daily photographs on this monitor is astonishing, wonderful, etc. but there is one fly in the ointment so to speak.  With previous monitors when I selected slideshow I could get a fu... Read More

Generating ITS templates for RF screens

Hi, I'm trying to access the standard RF transactions via ITS.  Do I have to generate the templates for all the RF screens or should they already available on the system? If yes, what screens do I need to generate to get this working? Regards, Carlos... Read More

Getting dump in table maintainance generator

hi friends , in dev system and production iam able to maintain data in the table ,but in quality i am getting dump. my error is bellow, Runtime Errors         DYNPRO_FIELD_CONVERSION Date and Time          20.03.2009 14:11:59 Short text      Conversi... Read More

Search Help for field on table maintenance generator ECC 6.0

Hi All. To maintain search help for a custom field on table maintenance generator. Only through coding. Cannot use domain or data element or table field search helps. Have to code only. Is there any way? Can I do modifications/additions to screen cod... Read More

I created table maintainace generator but while executing this in SM30.

I created table maintainace generator but while executing this in SM30 it's giving following error. Error message " Conversion error" The program has been interrupted and cannot resume. Program "SAPLZ_DEV_AC_DAT_MOE" attempted to displ... Read More

Junk characters in pdf file generated

Hi, While generating invoice from VF02, i can see the  print preview iin the screen perfect ,but when i generate PDF the russian characters are getting displayed as XXXXXX  in PDF. I tired changing the font in SAP script from COURCYR to some other fo... Read More

Custom Screen doesn't display properly

I am on SRM 5.5 and I have created a custom screen with a custom field in all the proper structures it's supposed to be in.  The screen has been generated into HTML and it has a service.  I am calling the screen in the BADI BBP_CUF_BADI.  The field i... Read More

Validation for a selection screen used as a subscreen

Hi friends, I have a screen say '0001' in that screen i have three subscreens 0002 0003 0004 In the subscreen 0002, i have declared three selection screens 0102, 0202, 0302 In the Application toolbar of the screen 0001 (PF Status) i have declared thr... Read More

No touch event is generated from mac book pro trackpad

I am developing a multiltouch javafx application on mac, but no touch event was caught by the handler using trackpad. The event handlers are added to scence. I am using JDK1.7.0_07. Any one has any idea. Thanks.I don't think this will work. The javad... Read More

Create new Generating style Extending the Classic Style

Hi all, When creating an ITS screen, you can choose a Generating style. Default (at our system) there are 3 templates available: - Business HTML - Classic - WebGUI is it possible to create an own Generating style? At present we are using the CLASSIC... Read More

Calling a screen in a new session

Hi Friends:     I've got a report. When I execute the selection screen of that report after inputting data, it calls up a Zfunction module & inside that function module there is a screen. So it displays that screen. I've a requirement that when I exe... Read More

Dialog Prog. with a selection screen

Hi Gurus, How its possible to achieve a SELECTION-SCREEN with in a Dialog Prog. Pls. give me rough idea. Thank you.Hi, If you are taking about to use the selection screen in you Dialog Program than please follow the following. You will have to add fo... Read More

Dynamic selection screen fetching the value from table fields

hi gurus, i have one table say ztable...and i should create a dynamic selection screen which should populate the selection screen by the table field names. example..if i have 3 fields im my selection screen should have three selection optio... Read More

Click a button,a selection-screen box come out

hi experts:     when I click one button in the dialog screen,a selection screen come out,I can input the it come true?thanks!this can be achieved using Sub selection screen. steps are following define screen fields and function keys. S... Read More

Selection-screen function key  dynamically ?

Dear all, I wonder if it is possible to have a function key dynamically appearing on the selection screen of an ABAP. For example the button for reading the documentation of an ABAP is shown dynamically only if there is a documenation available. I ha... Read More

Include a field in the table maintenance generator

Hi All, There is a Z table with MATNR and another numeric field and the table maintenance generator exists for the table. The requirement is to include another field for MAKTX ( Material description) in the table maintenance generator with input disa... Read More

Why no screen info in status??

Hello everybody, I just ran a std program: balvex01 and the selection scree (no. 1000) came up. then I hit F8 (execute button) to see the alv. but why was I not able to see the screen no for this alv in the system->status menu? What is the screen whe... Read More