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Install CS6 Applications via SCCM Task Sequence

Hi We have an SCCM 2012 R2 infrastructure on our network, and want to deploy Adobe CS6 applications using Windows Installer Packages created with Adobe Application Manager Enterprise Edition 3.1 We created individual packages for each application (fo... Read More

SCCM Task Sequence no longer installs SCCM Client

I am using SCCM 2007 R3 with SP2 and MDT 2010 My task sequences were all working fine until one of the other SCCM admins "Synced all sites" by transferring the site settings of one site to all the other sites.  How this broke OSD I don't know. A... Read More

SCCM Task Sequence Fail to Connect Share Folder on SCCM server

those days we have an task sequence issue- can't connect to share folder on the SCCM server Enviroment in our network, we have DHCP server, DC server, DNS server. we are trying to bring up an new server to boot from the SCCM server. we have two VLAN... Read More

Deploy all software updates using SCCM task sequences

Hi, we are using System Center Configuration Manager 2012 R2 and I want to include software update installation part within the OSD. So far I tried below links but not able to make it work: ht... Read More

Sccm Task Sequence Error Code 0x80070570

I have been using sccm succesfully for a while now and have recently re-imaged 150 existing machine and all have work, with the exception of one that start to resolve the task sequence then drops out with the error code 0x80070570, I can not check th... Read More

SCCM Task Sequence Completion time

Is there any way to know total time the task sequence took to re image a computer  though email notification ? ThanksHi, Maybe you could monitor the Smsts.log to caculate how long the task sequence takes. Hope this would give you a clue. The followin... Read More

Powershell and SCCM Task Sequences

I previously posted this to the Powerwshell forum so hopefully cross posting isn't breaking any rules.... Does anyone know if there is any way to modify the sequence propery of an sms_tasksequencepackage object with Powershell?  I am trying to migrat... Read More

Error installing MBAM client through SCCM task sequence error code 80070005

Hi I'm getting a weird error when trying to deploy the MBAM 2.0 client through a task sequence, it was working but now keep seeing the below two errors in the AppEnforce log, after it has returned the 3010 soft reboot code. CoCreateInstance failed on... Read More

SCCM Task sequence OSD issue with windows recovery

Hi, Just wanted to know if anyone else gets a strange issue I have sometimes during my W7 deployment.  We have deployed approx. 1500 PCs using this task sequence with no problems but about 5 or so PCs get stuck after different stages and windows star... Read More

Disable SCCM Task Sequence Using WMI

Hello everyone, So I'm attempting to use WMI/SDK to disable a task sequence.  I've dug for a method to do it, but am not having any luck.  I am aware of the Disable-CMTaskSequence Cmdlet, but I really wanting to find the WMI method, assuming one exis... Read More

SCCM Task Sequence And Program Behavior

Are task sequences subject to the actions you set for the program, such as normal, hidden, restart after running, etc?  I know they show the task sequence progress bar, but will the program run hidden all the time with just that bar visible?Jason, I... Read More

Running Vbscript from MDT integrated SCCM Task sequence

Hi All, we have got MDT integrated SCCM 2007 R3 environment where I am unable to execute moveou.vbs from %scriptroot% folder. The task finishes without any error though computer object is unable to move. steps what I followed: placed MoveOU.vbs into... Read More

Finalize preinstalled computers with SCCM task sequence

Hi, I need some help to find the best solution for using SCCM to finalize preinstalled computers from factory. We are giving our thin image to HP who will install the image on the computers at their factory. But when we receive the computer, we need... Read More

Hotkey install during SCCM task sequence

HI everyone, I'm trying to have the latest version of Hotkey ( version 5.43) install during a window7 OS deployement using SCCM 2012. I think the drivers are installing but the On Screen display feature are not working and if I run the setup.exe manu... Read More

Move SCCM client to another OU at the end of the deployment task sequence

Hi I'm looking to modify my SCCM task sequence so that it can put a computer in the correct OU at the end of provisioning. I've come across a couple of scripts to do this, but neither are working at the moment 1. A few lines of PowerShell here (http:... Read More

SCCM 2012 SP1 and MDT 2012 Task Sequence Templates, MDT File/Settings Packages

We're setting up SCCM 2012 integrated with MDT 2012 for our OSD. My main issue is finding actual reference material for the MDT task sequence templates when integrated with SCCM. The MDT documentation has a lot of information on variables and task se... Read More

X230 fails to do Task Sequence (SCCM)

Hi, I have uploaded new windows updates to a wim-image and trying to install the updated image via sccm task sequence. Everything goes fine, but when the windows installation is finishing, I get the error: I have checked the following thread on T440P... Read More

SCCM 2007 Determine packages/task sequence distributed specific time and date

Hi All, Back from holiday to find SCCM task sequences for client PCs have been pushed to servers :( My knowledge on SCCM/SQL is somewhat limited. Are there ways to find task sequences that are distributed specific time and date and to which collectio... Read More

SCCM 2012 R2 OSD Task Sequence option

Hi, What to have an Install Applications step option that will identify computer record names with embed names for example embedded name XXX inside a computer record for example: Tabletxxx01 Tabletxxx02 Tabletabc01 - this computer record would skip t... Read More

Set BIOS Password during SCCM 2012 Task Sequence

Hi, I search a solution for this problem. I want to set a BIOS password during my unattended installation in the SCCM Task Sequence. I know the Lenovo BIOS instructions: http://dow... Read More