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SCCM Client Install Loop

Hello, I am using SCCM 2012 R2 with CU3 and I identified an issue for some SCCM clients installed on 2012/2012R2 servers. The client keeps being resinstalled everyh 5/6 hours. I believe it's because of the ccm evaluation failing. I found could find t... Read More

Site Code for SCCM Clients installed from Secondary Site Server

Hello, We have started the implementation of SCCM 2012 R2 at our network. We have setup a Primary site (JFO) server & pushed out the installation of SCCM clients to the local subnet. Things went fine. We have installed a Secondary site (ATC) at a rem... Read More

Deploy Images with SCCM Client Installed

Hi everyone. there's one thing I have in mind for a while and haven't got a solution for it We use SCCM 2012 to build and create our master image with a Task Sequence one task before the syspreping is  "prepare configuration manager client", whi... Read More

How would SCCM treat a re-imaged machine without SCCM Client installed on it.

I would like to understand how Configuration Manager would treat a machine on which OS is rebuild if the machine is currently showing client=YES and SCCM Client is not installed after OS rebuild. Would it create a new record for this machine in SCCM... Read More

Existing SCCM Client installed again after removing client or imaging

Hello, I have a question on two different scenarios for SCCM client deployment.  Client Push and AD System Group Discovery is enabled. In both cases, I am trying to figure out if/how the SCCM client might get automatically re-installed. Scenario 1: A... Read More

Sccm client v4 wont install and install client v5 - SCCM 2012 R2

Hi, I am coming to the end of a SCCM 2012 R2 client deployment. I have come across 2 machines (so far)that have the SCCM 2007 (v4) client installed, and although the task is set to uninstall from the server the v5 client will not installed. iI have b... Read More

SCCM client not getting installed on some system (SCCM 2012 SP1)

Hi, I am new to SCCM. I deployed sccm client via "client push deployment". Client installed on 90% system , but some system are not getting sccm client install. I restarted WMI service and file sharing on those client. 1:- I check the ccmsetup.l... Read More

Error 1603 installing SCCM client

When I try to install the SCCM client on some machines I get an installation error 1603. Setup starts ok, but after a while ends in a 1603 error. ccmsetup.log MSI: Action 13:45:12: AllocateRegistrySpace. Allocating registry space ccmsetup 14/07/2008... Read More

Do SCCM clients need to be domain joined for Windows Patch Deployments

Hi, We have SCCM 2012 R2 deployed in an environment with both workgroup and domain joined machines. Currently only the domained joined machines have the SCCM client installed. We were thinking of bringing patching into SCCM rather than WSUS but were... Read More

Installation sccm client on workgroup client in DMZ

Hi Guys, i tried to install the sccm client on workgroup clients in a DMZ environment. First I created a client certifikate for the workgroup client on the sccm server and installed the certifikate on the workgroup computer with certutil.exe. command... Read More

SCCM Client Application Installation WMI Classes and Cycles

Hi, I am writing some software to monitor application deployements via SCCM - specifcally required applications. The applications installing OK however it takes a bit of time for the SCCM console to realize the application has been installed after th... Read More

Client install fails during OSD

Hi, OS Deployment usually works without any issues for us. Sometimes (like 1 out of 15 deployments) the SCCM client will not install correctly and the system will boot up without any applications. That's okay, we just restart it and it works on the s... Read More

SCCM 2012, WMI, and SCCM Clients

I have SCCM 2012 R2 CU2. I know that WMI has to be working for SCCM to be fully functional. I've done some reading on what I'm about to ask but I'd like to get some clarification on these points as I'm not totally clear on a few things: 1) If when us... Read More

Sccm client push installation problem

in my company 22000 users and install sccm 2012(1 primary site in main dc  and 4 site system server in branch  ) i enable automatic site-wide client push installation . only sccm client installed in 11000 computers during 7 month and  increment insta... Read More

SCCM 2007 - how check how sccm clients was deployed

Hi all I need to know how sccm clients was installed on the domain's computers in order to push sccm client in the remaining computers that not have sccm client installed. Do you have a method to obtain this informations from SCCM console? Many thank... Read More

SCCM Client deployment over VPN

Hello Everyone, I have a client where a lot of very remote users who only connect via VPN very briefly, if it all, and I need to install the client on them, the users do not have admin rights and they also do not have the PKI cert installed for Inter... Read More

Why the SCCM client always corrupts the WMI repository?

Hi All, I have a Configuration Manager 2012 R2 CU2 installation with hundred of client/servers. From the initial deploy of the SCCM client, we seen that many machines had a Windows slow logon process. We searched online for a fix and many people had... Read More

Identify SCOM agents that do not have an SCCM client

I would like to identify SCOM agents that do not have an SCCM client installed.  I have the SCCM mp installed as well as the SCCM client health mp provided by Tao Yang installed.  I believe I could create my own registry discovery to identify if the... Read More

Client Install Issue - SCCM 2012 R2 - Manual Deploy Installed ok

Hello, I have sccm 2012 configured with 2,000 machine approx. It is been used mainly as a Software Deployment tool for now. On checking a recent IE10 upgrade, I noticed that there is a number of machines that do not have the client installed (and thu... Read More

SCCM Client Push Installation Wizard does not install the client. CCMSetup folder - not created

Hello, I have tried running the Client Push wizard for a single computer or a pilot collection of 8 computers, the result is always the same - no SCCM client is installed on any computer. The computers are running 32-bit Windows XP SP2. The Windows f... Read More