FM RV_INVOICE_DOCUMENT_READ not getting KONV details when ran multiple times

Hi, I'm calling the Function Module 'RV_INVOICE_DOCUMENT_READ' with the parameter KONV_READ as 'X' thru one of the Output type via Smartform driver program from VF02. I found that this FM was not returning KONV(XKOMV) details. When I debugged, I came... Read More

BAPI for updation of  Profit center in table VBRP

Hello Friends, I have to Update the Field 'PRCTR' in the table VBRP. Is there some BAPI available for updating VBRP . I tried FM 'RV_INVOICE_ITEM_MAINTAIN'.         FM RV_INVOICE_DOCUMENT_UPDATE But fields are  not getting updated Could you please he... Read More

Sales Order Header Pricing Conditions

Hi All, I am using BAPISDORDER_GETDETAILEDLIST function module to get the pricing conditions. I am able to see Item Pricing Conditions in the ORDER_CONDITIONS_OUT  table but not able to find the Header Pricing Conditions. Please let me know how to fe... Read More

Remove direct update of database table for VBUk and VBRK

hello, we are updating  database table only for thse two single fields VBRK-FKDAT_RL and VBUK-RELIK using direct UPDATE statements. Could you please suggest some function modules or BAPI ? BDC is not possible as some fields are not editable. Awaiting... Read More

Print Preview or re-print for user without security to VF03

The requirement of the assignment is to create a stand alone transaction that will reprint a billing document or preview. The ability to do so withVF02 and VF03 is not permitted via security. A program was created with BDC session to VF02 which then... Read More

BSEG Line item Value

Sir's, My table link is BKPF --> BSEG --> VBRP ---> VBRK ---> Konv. i want to ftech  Feild DMBTR and WRBTR from BSEG table using key belnr, but here lots of entry avalble same belnr, i want to fecth line BSEG-BUZEI line no 3. please guide me h... Read More

FM for billing doc pricing condition

Hi is there a Fm that returns all the pricing conditions for a billing document (Header and line items) with the condition types and the amounts?? I tried to use the FM RV_INVOICE_DOCUMENT_READ, but i think this FM does not return the condition types... Read More

Fm for Validity Dates.

Hi Gurus, I need Discount Condition Start Validity Date and Discount Condition End Validity Date along with condition details. I have tried  RV_INVOICE_DOCUMENT_READ & FM RV_PRICE_PRINT_HEAD is returning all the pricing conditions in the invoice in T... Read More

Function Module to evaluate Dependency Procedure

I am in need of a Function Module which can parse and/or evaluate the psuedo-code of a Dependency Procedure (see Function Module CUKD_GET_KNOWLEDGE). This is needed to create a report which will predict changes to Material Configurations and display... Read More

BAPI - Sales document - Copy control issues

Hi, I am creating a Credit memo referencing an invoice using the function "SD_SALESDOCUMENT_CREATE'. I get the invoice pricing details using RV_INVOICE_DOCUMENT_READ. Populate the inputs manually and pass those values to SD_SALESDOCUMENT_CREATE' with... Read More

Sales order header pricing

Hi I need the sales Order PRicing FM which will give All the values Exactly like in the sales order with all the step numbers. Please suggest. Moderator message: please search for information and try yourself before asking. Edited by: Thomas Zloch on... Read More


I have a Z-Field in the VBRP called ZSDWWTMG. I want to use the RV_INVOICE_DOCUMENT_ADD to update this field, but the update does not run through. I did the following steps: RV_INVOICE_DOCUMENT_READ RV_INVOICE_ITEM_MAINTAIN RV_INVOICE_DOCUMENT_ADD Do... Read More


Hi all, I should send out IDOC INVOIC01 for outgoing invoices. Which is the best FM to get the data from the system and transferring them to INVOIC01. Myself I found /PBS/RV_INVOICE_DOCUMENT_READ but is it the best one? Thanks in advance Regards Norb... Read More