Scheduled Task GPO "run as" greyed out

Hi, When I'm creating a new schedule task through GPO the Run As option is greyed out, is there any way to enable this? Regards.> When I'm creating a new schedule task through GPO the Run As option is > greyed out, is there any way to enable this? U... Read More

Run only allowed application gpo and ie 11 on remote desktop server (terminal server)

I configured win 2008 R2 server as Remote desktop server (terminal server) and I have domain GPO that's applying to this server. when I configure "Run only specified Windows application" IE 11 does not work. I have iexplore.exe as allowed applic... Read More

Run Batch file using GPO in all users with Windows 2008 R2

Dear Sir, We have to install one software packages in all laptops using GPO. we have batch file and using this we can install software. is there any way to install automatic by this batch file? this is not msi packages. Regards, Sunil  SUNIL PATEL SY... Read More

Deploy Office 2010 gpo/oct activation

I am trying to deploy Office 2010 Standard through  group policy startup computer script. A batchfile runs which starts the setup off Office and a msp file. First office 2003 gets deinstalled and Office 2010 installed. This all go fine but the activa... Read More

GUID showing instead of Name under Denied GPOs in gpresult

We recently renamed some of our GPOs. Now when I run a gpresult, some GPOs display the GUID rather than the Name under the Name column in the Denied GPOs section. What could cause this? Any suggestions on fixes?Hi, Thanks for posting. Two things: 1.... Read More

Push Command Script Through GPO

I have setup a GPO that pushes an Avamar Backup client to all computers. now the client needs to be activated and there is a command prompt for it. what I want is to deploy the command to be executed on each computer through a GPO. what is the best w... Read More

Serialization through GPO

I am trying to deploy Acrobat Pro X to all the windows computers in my work area. I have created the trial msi of Acrobat and have it deployed via GPO. I then made the serialization exe and prov.xml. I then made a script to run the exe in hopes that... Read More

Windows Server 2008 R2 Windows 7 folder redirection not working

Hi,  I've got a Windows Server 2008 R2 environment and I'm trying to get folder redirection working on Windows 7 clients. I've configured the group policy on the DC and it's suppose to redirect the user desktop to a folder sitting on another server. ... Read More

Proper security structure for Single Sign on Server

We are all used to how we design security structure for vCenter Server if you have had an existing VMware environment prior to 5.1.  Who should have administrative privileges in vCenter Server, what roles, permissions, and so on should be assigned to... Read More

Safari 5.1.2 crashes on opening

Using 5.1.2 on MacBook Pro 17" with Snow Leopard. I was running Photoshop, which was a bit slow, as was Safari, so I went ino Safe Boot mode, ran Disk Utiity to repair Permissions but on re-starting Safari kept crashing & sending report to Apple.... Read More

Late 2007 Macbook hangs or stutters following recent Leopard update

After running the software update process on my late 2007 Macbook, the computer seems to stutter. It will do something like respond to a mouse click for a very brief period of time, then hang for 20 to 30 seconds. Just trying to open Safari takes a h... Read More

Office OCT display level gives no dialogs

I have configured OCT in Office 2010 and deploy Office 2010 standard thru Computer startup script in GPO. In the GPO at computer startup scripts a batchfile is running which starts the offscrub03.vbs and then the setup with the msp OCT file. When the... Read More

Internal error 2753. Updater.api_NON_OPT

Has anyone seen this message when trying to install Reader v 8.1? It occurs about 80% of the way through installation and gives a fatal error.For GPO Installation - Try the following 1. Create Reg file Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [-HKEY_LOCA... Read More

Embed an applet in jsp

Hi I have created an applet and put the into my project folder. I am using jsp for the project. I am using this code: <APPLET code="Statistics.class" width="200" height="200"> </APPLET> in the jsp... Read More

Lenovo Thinkvanta​ge Access Connection​s prevents Microsoft File and Printer Sharing

We have several Think pad laptops deployed in our company, including G41, T61, and T500 models.  We are using Numara's Track It software to inventory our workstations and laptops.  The auditing process needs to have Microsoft File and Printer Sharing... Read More

Cannot Install Adobe reader error message

Have  Win 7 64bit   Had adobe reader installed worked great was reading a PDF file when adobe message popped up ready to install update pushed okay and a message popped up unable to install update  then adobe reader ceased to work checked program fil... Read More

Garritan Personal Orchestra on Intel Macs?

Hi folks... Before I buy the Garritan Personal Orchestra for my Macbook Pro, I was wondering if any users know whether how this would run on an intel mac, (I have not used any non-Logic plug ins before). It doesnt appear to be availbale in universal... Read More

Removing Windows 2003 Group Policy user settings

I'm having a difficult time finding what to do. I have a windows 2003 domain with many GP settings.  One of which I can't find.  It has to do with the favorites bar in IE.  When a user from a certain OU logs on to any computer with any Windows OS, an... Read More

IChat to MSN

I have a hotmail account but iChat doesn't support it. Is there a way to setup a hotmail account in iChat?If not is there a way to talk to msn users through ichat with a, jabber or aim account? Please help because none of my friends have anyt... Read More

Uninstall_flash_player.exe as an MSI ?

Hi, First post over here but i admit i used this forum a few times already ... with success every time ;-) I'm sorry in advance if the question was already asked but if so, i was not able to find it. Well, i'm REALLY looking for an msi version of uni... Read More