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Kindle app always crashes on MacBook Pro Retina

I have a MacBook Pro Retina 2013 8G memory 256G SSD upgraded to latest Mavericks OS 10.9.4. Everything looks fine except I can't run Kindle app properly. Once the app is launched, it consumes >30MB for viewing a book page. Soon, the memory used by Ki... Read More

Only audio in HTML5 [with QtWebkit?]

I've installed all gstreamer (both 0.10 and the new one) and vlc (an I'm using phonon-vlc) plugins just to be sure but... when I run HTML5 video on some site, I can hear sound (the video is playing) but I can't see actual video frame. I've tried Konq... Read More

Bad RAM in MacBook Pro

Hello everyone, I have been experiencing random crashes on my Early 2011 i5 16GB MacBook Pro 13". At first I thought of a stability issue with mavericks (10.9.4), but after remembering something that I went through a couple, of years ago, I think it'... Read More

Making QtWebkit support HTML5 video and audio

For those who don't know, HTML5 enables most current browsers to play videos and audios without the need of any plugin. QtWebkit supports this feature, so browsers using it such as Rekonq and Arora should support it too. However on Arch Linux this do... Read More

[SOLVED] GStreamer was unable to detect any sound devices

In my experiments to get the headphone jack working my my Mac Pro, I have managed to break the audio system. That's often the result of experimenting towards solving a problem. I get this error when attempting to open the audio mixer panel. "GStreame... Read More

How do I add multiple family members to eprint capability on my 8600 pro?

I dont know how to add my wife and son to the eprint capability on my 8600 pro, i tried adding them as seperate users under hp connected but it wont let you use the claim code more than once.  Anyone have any ideas?  I'm sure someone has done this be... Read More

My mac's software is only available under my profile on MacBook pro. How can other family members get to the optional SW logged in under their own profile

Is there a way to share purchased SW under mote than one profile on the MacBook pro? ThanksIf the software is in the HD>Applications folder it's available to everyone. If for some reason you put software into User>Applications folder it will be avai... Read More

Install Windows 8.1 Pro on Mac Mini Late 2014

I'm trying to install Bootcamp on my Mac Mini.  Windows reports that it cannot install or create a partition on the drive after formatting the BOOTCAMP partition as NTFS. This is my setup: 1. Mac Mini Late 2014 with 2TB Fusion Drive. 2. Windows 8.1 P... Read More

Adobe Photoshop CS2 in Macbook Pro

During installation of Adobe Photoshop CS2, the installer runs and freezes in the midst. There is no way of installing Adobe Photoshop CS2 with intel processor. Full reinstallation of Mac OSX doesn't help. Running disk utility doesn't help either. Pr... Read More

Running Dual boot windows 8 and win 7 pro with xp mode installed!! I love it!!

It took over 2 days to figure out how to adjust the bios to get my win 7 pro DVD to boot and install dual boot on this GREAT MACHINE!! Step 1: using diskmgmt.msc you have to shring the C partition. I shrunk it so I had 80GB remaining as unallocated s... Read More

How do I install windows from USB on Macbook pro 3,1

How do I install windows from USB on Macbook pro 3,1 ? My Superdrive is far from super anymore, So I managed to make an extern drive with both Snow Leopard Partition, Lion Partition (Since I thought Boot Camp 4,1 would bypass my problem), and Time Ma... Read More

Deploying only Acrobat XI Pro CC package w/ Enterprise Serial # - Still getting "Sign In Required"

Downloaded Creative Cloud Packager to create a serialized package of only Acrobat XI Pro.  I further customize the deployment via Adobe Customization Wizard XI, but did not re-enter the serial number (as suggested).  I am able to deploy from the Exce... Read More

Cannot send email from 3 accounts Mac Pro

My brand new Mac Pro cannot send email using Gmail, Shaw, or iCloud.  At times I can send a simple test message, other times I cannot send.  It seems the more data in the email, it for sure cannot be sent.  The sent messages get stuck in the Out Box.... Read More

A few days ago i bought the macbook pro in a Providence. In late Summer i will come back to my Country - Ukraine. I would like to know about a tax for my laptop. Can i return tax? Through the TAX FREE or return in airport? What should i do?

A few days ago i bought the macbook pro in a Providence. In late Summer i will come back to my Country - Ukraine. I would like to know about a tax for my laptop. Can i return tax? Through the TAX FREE or return in airport? What should i do?You need t... Read More

How do i use an external display with my macbook pro?

How do I use an external display with a macbook pro?Just buy the proper adapter cord, such as MiniDisplay port to HDMI for example.  Plug it in and it will be automatically recognized.  Use System Preferences > Displays to set options. The display ca... Read More

Is there a work-around to enable Digital Photo Pro on the Microsoft Surface Pro ????

Is there a way to use Digital Photo Pro on the Microsoft Surface Pro? As I understand the problem  DPP is unable detect the screen resolution of the tablet ( the defauilt res of the tablet is 1920 x1080) with a minimum of 1024 x768. It would be usful... Read More

Polygonal lasso tool not working with stylus on Surface Pro 2

Hi guys, I'm new here so please bare with me if I'm posting in the wrong place or don't make immediate sense. Hardeware / software used: surface pro 2 and I'm running photoshop CS5. Problem is a fairly basic one: I am trying to make basic selections... Read More

How do I install itunes on a surface pro 2 tablet?

My ipad won't update through the ipad so I need to do it through my computer but all I have is a surface pro 2 windows tablet and I cant install iTunes on it. Is there anyway to download it for my computer or other ways of updating ipads if it wont w... Read More

Running Android apps on Yoga 2 Pro in tablet mode

I've not been impressed with Windows Metro when using my Yoga 2 Pro in tablet mode, so I have installed BlueStacks (http://www.bluestacks.com/). So far it's been pretty good, with the occasional glitch. Anyone else tried it? NeilIm interested in know... Read More

Projector works on Dell Venue Pro 11 tablet?

Hi there I am trying to run a director 11.5 windows projector (made on a mac) on Dell Venue 11 Pro tablet (win 8.1/1920x1080/baytrail CPU) and am having problems with "alignment" on the screen. The 1920x1080 movie seems to be loading but fills o... Read More