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Incorrect value of Auto.Gain/Loss Forex during GRIR Clearing

Dear Experts, We have activated the Material Ledger functionality. The Document Currency of PO, GR, and IR are in Foreign Currency. The postings are below: Loc Currency 1 = USD Loc Currency 3 = IDR Doc currency = IDR GR Dr Material                  5... Read More

Compute Unrealized Gain/Loss and Provisions for Valuated Forex Contract

Hi Everyone, Can anyone tell me how unrealized gain/loss or provisions were computed for forex contract? I created a spot/forward transaction with the following details: Product Type: 60A Transaction Type: 102 Buy Currency: USD Sell Currency: NZD Loc... Read More

Forex Revaluation for customers and vendors

Hi, I ran FAGL_FC_VAL for period end for forex valuation of customers and valuation. Following Entry is posted: Unrealised Loss A/c... Dr    To Forex balancesheet adjustment A/c Forex balancsheet adjustment A/c is normal GL account. Now i want to see... Read More

Unrealized forex postings not reversing while payments

Dear all, Appreciate your advice for my problem. We are reavluating foreign currecy posting every month end 31st and reverse on 1st of next month. when we post the payment system should calculate the foreign currency posting loss or gain and post to... Read More

How to clear open items posted in different currencies

Hi , Invoice and payment receipt docs were posted in different currencies, please guide how can we clear these open items. Thanks in advance....... MistraHi, Create Three GL like following 1. Forex gain/loss - Realized 2. Forex gain/loss - Unrealized... Read More

Forighn currence valuation

hi all I need help for the execution of Transaction Code u2013 FAGL_FC_VAL for revaluating foreign currency at client . I have executed the transaction and entries are getting posted in development server but with the manual input of Cost Center in B... Read More

Foreign currency revaluation entries...

Dear All,      Can anyone tell me the Accounting entries in foreign currency revaluation... Regards, Suresh Patipati.Hi, I will mention entries from Vendor point of view on that basis you can get the idea. 1. If there is a Unrealised loss. Unrealised... Read More

Cost elements for TAX expenses

Dear all, Is it necessory to create cost elements for following GL's ?? We are not going to implement PCA here.We are going to implement Product Costing. 50000031     EXCISE DUTY - PURHASE 50000032     SALES TAX  C.S.T-PUR 50000033     SALES TAX  M.S... Read More

How to make a List box connected to a Column Chart work?

Hi... I've just installed my Xcelsius 2008 and am trying to adapt the dashboard I developed in Xcelsius 4.5 version to the new software. I have a fish-eye to filter which customer I want to see the performance for. I have two list boxes where I can d... Read More

Accounting entries for Foreign currency revaluation..Accounting entries

Dear All,    Can any one tell me the Accounting entries for posting foreign currency and foreign currency revaluation.. Regards, Suresh Patipati. Edited by: suresh patipati on Feb 17, 2009 7:45 AMHi, I will mention entries from Vendor point of view o... Read More

FC valuation year end

Dear Experts, While executing Foreign currency valuation Vendors/Customers (F.05) at year end, (Fiscal year Jan-Dec) system is posting FC valuation entry and reversal entry also. (Once we executed F.05, by selecting "Posting" button we are able... Read More

FAGL_FC_VAL Reverse postings

helllo why does the FAGL_FC_VAL for foreign currency valuation reverse the posting in the next period automatically. please explain the logic and reason. TxHi Ceecee, When you run this report during month end, the gain or loss from the rate differenc... Read More

FI Forex gain loss & Exchange Rate difference on Foreign Currency & Chart of Accounts

Dear All,              I have queries on following : 1) what is difference b/w Forex gain loss account & Exchange Rate difference on Foreign Currency account . 2) Under which Heads in Balance sheet they should come as per Indian Accounting Standards.... Read More

Realised FOREX gains or losses

Here is a challenge for you: We have one company code and we have a few FOREX gl accounts that are not cost elements. We want the postings to these gl accounts to go to PCA. But not just to PCA, we want the postings to go to the correct profit center... Read More

Will there be forex gain or loss when you move amt from one GL to another?

Hi, Local currency Euro GL account A account currency Euro  (has got an open item for usd 100) GL account B account currency Euro In the above situation if i use the post with clearing t.code f-04 to transfer the 100 us dollars from one gl account A... Read More

Forex Gain/loss posting from prior interest Accruals in capitaliization scenario !!

Gurus, This is a decent question. In SAP MM instruments, how do we post Forex Gain/loss arisng from prior interest Accruals in capitaliization scenario !! 1. Is it REALIZED OR UNREALIZED gain/loss? 2. Should it even be considered Gain / Loss, in whic... Read More

Alternative Forex loss and gain a/c,if invoice contains WBS element

Hi, If we  clear a foreign currency invoice the loss or revenue will be posted to the G/L accounts ( eg: X for loss and Y for Gain) which are specified in OBA1 settings, i have one requirement that if the invoice contains any WBS element then the los... Read More

Account 6100011( Forex-gain/loss) requires an assignment to a CO object

Hello, Can any one explain how to resolve this issue while posting of an invoice to customer in New GL. I have assigned Cost center to the revenue cost element still i am getting the following error. Account 6100011 requires an assignment to a CO obj... Read More

FOREX Revaluation error

Hi Guys When iam closing my books for the month June 2008, for revaluating the foreign currency we used F.05 to revaluate all the open item in foreign currency The problem is we have not checked the "Reverse Postings - Check box" Now the entry h... Read More

A/R and A/P invoices and credit memo realized currency gain/loss report

Hi, We need some help in getting a report from SBO. We would like to analyze their realized currency gain and loss account. We are lookiing into a report that shows the individual invoice/ credit memo foreign and local currency amount against the inc... Read More