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Compiling a SOAP module for PHP5 in Leopard

Hi. I thought I'd try to compile a SOAP module for the stock PHP installation in MacOSX Leopard. I snagged the php-5.2.5 sources from php.net, and used the compile arguments found in the "php -i" command. I only added "--with soap=shared --... Read More

Multiple soap modules

hello, i'm biulding a flex client that works with a soap web servise, i imported the wsdl though the wizard and all was good... untill i had to use a diffrent module within the same webService. the other module uses some of the same soap types as the... Read More

SOAP Module for receivin message

Hi, Now I have a receiver SOAP adapter. I am sending data and before sending it I use a module. The entry is before sap.com/com.sap.aii.af.soapadapter/XISOAPAdapterBean. I also want to use a module for the message received from the adapter. Do I have... Read More

SOAP Sender Adapter converting Ukranian Characters to Unrecognizable Characters

Hello All, The scenario i am talking about here is SOAP - XI - R/3. And IDoc is posted to R/3 system via XI and hence we are using SOAP Adapter as Sender Adapter and IDoc Adapter as receiver Adapter. The third party which is sending the data to XI is... Read More

PROXY to SOAP ; HTTP403 error in PI 7.1

Hi team, it was proxy to HTTP scenario. Receiver : webportal . We have chnged it to Proxy to SOAP ,due to HTTP does not support multi message generation . I have checked Do NOT USE SOAP Envelope in SOAP rcv channel. Pls find the config details. Adapt... Read More

Content type in SOAP receiver communication channel

Hello, so far I thought that the SOAP receiver adapter always sets the content type to text/xml. However now I found out the following strange thing: If you check the option "without SOAP envelope" then the content type is application/xml. Is th... Read More

PI to SOAP webservice performace issue

Dear All, I have seen message expired error/no response error from one of IDOC--> PI--> SOAP Webservice sceanrio when PI have sending bulk of messages request to SOAP webserver at a time. This scenario has already implemented using BPM because of co... Read More

[SOLVED] PHP script returning a 255 errorcode

Hello, I have a rather strange problem at hand currently.  I am using the stock binary PHP supplied in the repositories with sqlite3, pdo ,pdo-sqlite, and soap modules enabled.  Whenever I try to run a PHP script, however, no output is returned to ST... Read More

SOAP Web Service +  Custom Login Module issue

Hi Guys, We faced an authentication issue in our project. Could you please give any advice how the issue could be resolved. Environment: A simple SOAP Web Service on top of POJO class created in a Web Application. The web application deployed to the... Read More

Usage of Module processor in SOAP Receiver Adapter

Hi, I have scenario where I am calling an external Web Service via XI. Unfortunately I need Java Mapping to generate the complete SOAP Message (there are some special header elements required by the Web Service)  and flag 'no soap' in the SOAP Receiv... Read More

Adapter Module in SOAP Sender Adapter

Hi All, To Confirm, Is it possible to use Custom Adapter Modules in SOAP Sender Adapter. If so, where exactly custom module has to be placed in communication channel with respect to the standard bean of SOAP Adapter. Thanks in advance. Regards, Sudha... Read More

PI 7.1 Adapter Module Development - Identify SOAP Fault Message

Hi Experts,</br> here's a PI 7.1 Adapter Module Development issue I hope you can help me to resolve. It's about identifying SOAP fault messages.</br> </br> Scenario at a glance:</br> Adapter Modules placed in the modules chain at r... Read More

Modify the payload in a soap receiver adapter module

Hi all, I have an scenario where I should modify the soap_body tag (adding a head and a tail). I have implemented it using an adapter module, since the mapping is for business stuff and this head and tail is just a technical requirement of the third... Read More

Any one knows how to use Axis Framework in the SOAP Adapter Modules

How to use Axis Framework in the SOAP Adapter? How to add custom handler modules? http://help.sap.com/saphelp_nw04/helpdata/en/45/a4f8bbdfdc0d36e10000000a114a6b/frameset.htm I went through the above link on help.sap.com. But still could not create a... Read More

Adapter Module for SOAP Sender

Hi, Any alternative way to create adapter module for soap sender? Regards, FarooqBut I just trying to know weather it will work for simple soap or not. Unfortunately it wont work for the normal SOAP protocol. Let me try my luck. If you are successful... Read More

Adapter Module during Soap sender channel

In Onlin Help you find the order of the modules in Axis adapter: http://help.sap.com/saphelp_nwpi711/helpdata/en/45/a4a36de28552f7e10000000a1553f7/frameset.htm So you have to put your module between AFAdapterBean and CallSapAdapter If you work with P... Read More

Adapter module in SOAP sender Channel

Hi, I need to call an adaptermodule to URLdecoding incoming SOAP messages. The adaptermodule i have developed to do the URLdecode works for other adapters but not for the SOAP sender adapter Saphelp says it is not possible to use adaptermodules on th... Read More

Sender SOAP Adapter Modules!

Hi Can anyone guide me how to write a Sender SOAP adapter module ?Hi Pooja, thanks for the reply I have seen that. Please look at the below forum. SOAP Adapter and plain HTTP It  says "When you write a module for sender SOAP adapter, you have to deal... Read More

SOAP: "XI.Timeout" module in the sender adapter

Hi,       Could you please explain in detail, how to enter the XI.timeout module in the soap sender adapter. Regards, Vishnu.Hi Vishnu, The default timeout value for synchronous calls is 5 minutes. You can increase this value by setting parameter XI.... Read More

Issue with overwriting msg using adapter module when WSS enabled in SOAP CC

Hi guys, I have a SOAP->RFC scenario where on the sender side I'm using an adapter module. This adapter module should modify the message content based on some conditions. This works fine unless the WSS is enabled in the sender SOAP CC. When enabled,... Read More