Form with view having instead-of-trigger gives FRM-40501 and ORA-02014

I created a data-entry from with a 'view' as datas-source block. This view gives crosstab query results with a data from a single base-table but it is complex and uses decode and aggregate funciton 'max' just to create group by in a crosstab query. I... Read More

Java.sql.SQLSyntaxErrorException: ORA-02014: cannot select FOR UPDATE from

Experts, I am getting "java.sql.SQLSyntaxErrorException: ORA-02014: cannot select FOR UPDATE from view with DISTINCT, GROUP BY, etc" exception and it leads to one or more setter methods of the VO. I checked the respective attribute in the VO to... Read More


Is there any workaround available with ora-02014? I have a view that contains left outer join with "INSTEAD UPDATE" trigger on it. UPDATE VIEW SET... WHERE... goes well, but SELECT ... FOR UPDATE causes ORA-02014. Any suggestions?First I thought... Read More

Java.sql.SQLException: ORA-02014

Hello. We are running an application on BEA WLS 8.1 SP1 on Fedora Core1 and HP-UX, connected to an Oracle with the appropriate driver. In jdbc.log we keep receiving the exception below when deploying or starting our WLS: SQLException: SQLStat... Read More

Fine Grain Access Control gives ORA-02014

Using Fine Grain Access Control on Oracle 8i 8.1.6, when a policy is enabled on a table then queries of the form "select * from table for update nowait" give "ORA-02014 cannot select FOR UPDATE from view with DISTINCT, GROUP BY, etc.".... Read More

Updateable View ORA-2014

Okay you helped me with the insert on a view with this note although you never completely answered all my questions: http://technet.oracle.com:89/ubb/Forum2/HTML/005469.html Now I need help with an update on a view. I have an instead of update trigge... Read More

Error ORA-20505

Hi, I am trying to use 'Form on a table with report' wizard. This wizard is running on view which made out of two/three different table. When I click 'Apply Changes' (Save) button it gives me an error "ORA-20505: Error in DML: p_rowid=42461059, p_alt... Read More

ORA-2014 after upgrading to 3.0!

I use Apex with Views and Instead-Of-Triggers. After upgrading I have the problem, that my Automatic Row Processing (DML)-Processes now raise an exception. I got an "ORA-02014: cannot select FOR UPDATE from view with DISTINCT, GROUP BY, etc." -... Read More

Entity not getting updated

Hello, I have created an updateble view using an entity on a database view. When i try to update the row i get the error as below: JBO-26080: Error while selecting entity for SagAvropshodeEntity I understand that it might not be able to identify the... Read More

How to avoid 'for update' clause ?

Hi All, I am trying to build the data-entry form based on complex view. I've got JBO-26080 Error while selecting entity... (ORA-02014 select ... for update). Is it possible to delete 'for update' clause in select ? What is the best practice to deal w... Read More

Storing XML using XSU, object VIEW and INSTEAD OF trigger

Here is the point: I've got 2 tables which are linked: CREATE TABLE dept ( deptno NUMBER PRIMARY KEY, deptname VARCHAR2(20) CREATE TABLE emp ( empno NUMBER PRIMARY KEY, empname VARCHAR2(20), deptno NUMBER REFERENCES dept(deptno) I've got the followin... Read More

ApEx 4.1.1: update record in a view with 'instead of update' trigger

I created a form against a view. The view is complex enough which prevents direct updates. To incorporate the update logic I created an 'instead of update' trigger on the view. When I open up the form, do changes, and click 'Apply Changes' button I a... Read More

ADF BC: Creating updatable VO based upon DB View with "instead of" trigger

Hello all, I have got an interesting issue. I have an Oracle DB view that is used to hide some complexity in the underlying DB design (it does some unions). This view is updatable because we have created an "instead of" update trigger to update... Read More

Error updating a datablock that uses a view

I have a view that is using a UNION ALL between two tables. I have written the instead of trigger properly and I have no problem updating, inserting or deleting thru the view in Oracle. The problem is that forms will query the view fine, but will not... Read More

Problem combining select, order by, rownum (top-N) and for update

Hello, i have serious problems with this. -- drop table testtable; create table testTable (id number(10,0) primary key, usage number(10,10)); -- delete from testtable; insert into testtable values (11, 0.5); insert into testtable values (10, 0.3); in... Read More

Instead of Update Trigger error

Hi all, I've been trying to solve this issue from past 4 to 5 days..I am unable to solve...Can someone please help.... I hhave a requirement in which I need to update 4 tables from a single form...I created a view which will get the required fields a... Read More

How to override the default delete operation

Hi, I am new to Jheadstart, java coding for that matter. Here's my situation, I have a view which is based on a function (function returns a collection). I have created instead of triggers on this view to perform insert/update/delete operations. All... Read More

Lock the table by user with grant only for select

Hallo. It is possible that the user has rights only for SELECT, do not lock the table? Now, where do "SELECT * FROM table FOR UPDATE", does not make the change, but it locks the entire table, and another user to get into it. ThanksAnd here is th... Read More

Disallow select for update

Hi, I am making a read only user, with select rights on all of the tables in another scheme. How do I dissalow this user to lock the production table with select for update? Regards NicoGood idea in principle, but there may be more efficient solution... Read More

Updatable View issues:  cannot select FOR UPDATE from view with DI

Hi All, I have a simple view XY and an instead of trigger on that to insert data into one table which is used in the my view. When I do insert statement on view XY it is working fine from sql but when i used same thing with page process of " Process... Read More