Non-matching extension tags


JspException: Non-matching extension tags

          I am getting the following exception when I attempt to bring up a JSP. My JSP uses           Struts taglibs, which I think are causing the problem. But so far I am unable           to see what I am doing wrong. The exception and the JSP cod... Read More

Encountering error End tag does not match start tag 'group'

Hi guys, am a newbee to XML Publisher. I am encountering the below error: Creating XDO Report at: Wed May 25 16:38:14 GMT+05:30 2011      sql = select 'TEST' from dual;      description = Learning XML Reporting      port = 1561      user = apps      ... Read More

Error while deploying app - matching end-tag " /web-app "??

Hi, I am trying to deploy my ear file to Weblogic app server 8.1 through the console. On deploying, it gives me the foll. error message: Prepare failed. Task Id = 0 Error: [HTTP:101179][HTTP] Error... Read More

Could not generate stub object - The element type "META" must be terminated by the matching end-tag "".

I am getting the following error message when I try invoking a webservice. Could not generate stub objects for web service invocation. Name: ProgrammePrivilege. WSDL: org.xml.sax.SA... Read More

SQL CASE statement in XML template- End tag does not match start tag 'group

Hi All, I am developing a report that has the SQL CASE statement in the query. I am trying to load this into RTF with report wizard and it gives me below error oracle.xml.parser.v2.XMLParseException: End tag does not match start tag 'group' Does XML... Read More

Content Search and 'Items Matching a Tag' Web Part Not Displaying Results Shown in Preview

Hi I've been trying to set up both the Content Search and Items Matching a Tag Web Parts with the same issue.  In both cases I can create a query which displays the expected results in the Search Result Preview pane but no results are returned when b... Read More

The element type jsp:useBean must be terminated by the matching end-tag

Hi, I have deployed an application under WLS 8.1 SP4 and I get this error, when I try to access a page. I searched through the BEA site and it does refer to solution id S-13709 which says issue has been fixed in WLS 7.0. Hence should I not be seeing... Read More

Matching XDoclet tags for the given ejbgen tags

We are using XDoclet in our project. I could not find out the matching XDoclet tags for the ejbgen tags listed below. We are using Jboss as the application server. Please let me know the XDoclet tags. Session Beans: @ejbgen:session methods-are-idempo... Read More

ITunes Match and Tag Updates

Wow... I am completely lost here... I have 5000 tracks on Match. Worked generaly well for the past 2 years. I'm using TuneUp to cleanup my albums tags. Once I've cleaned up the tags the way I want them, Match seems to push back the old tag and destro... Read More

Using Weblogic Console Extension tag library...

Now i am working with weblogic 8.1 I am using Weblogic Console Extension Example...downloaded from at that example console Jsp program is as below for the development of node... <br> <b><wl:node label='<%="My Cons... Read More

Problems with Match, ID tags and artist ordering

It seems like iTunes Match only syncs *some* of the track properties I edit, for tracks I've already synced/uploaded. For example, if I edit a track's name, it shows correctly on my iPhone (and IIRC it doesn't even need to update Match). But if, for... Read More

Regular expressions for URLs to match extensions

I am working on a simple method that will assign a specific extension (e.g. ".jsp", ".php", ".cfm", etc.) to the end of a URL if it doesn't find anything marking a valid extension, however, I do not want to add an extension i... Read More

Plese help me. anyone who knows  ' crm '  extension tag

HI. there is something that I can't understand while analyzing SAP standard page <crm:resultList id                = "RL"                       gt_datatable      = "//GR_DATA_CONTEXT/gr_table"                       gt_rowfgt        ... Read More

XML extension tag with axis

Hi, Im trying to create a stub from a WSDL-file. The schema of the WSDL uses "extension", but the genereated class doesn't extend antyhing, but tries to invoke super(stringval) in the constructor, which doesn't work. The extended value is not a... Read More

Regular expresion to match html tags

Hi, everyone, the following is about component code that I'd would like to store in a .xls file. I'm using LabVIEW 2009 I would like to match these words in bold, but I don't know how to handle the attributes ! And I don't find the suitable Regex <(?... Read More

Error #1085: The element type "elements" must be terminated by the matching end-tag " /elements "." faultCode="Client.CouldNotDecode"

Hello everyone, I'm using an httpservice with a php script and resultformat "e4x". When I call my script directly in my browser, I receive a well formatted XML file (I think so as I can even see the closing tag </elements>). But, in my app... Read More

ITunes Match Blitzing Tags?

Hi folks This has happened to me a couple of times since iTunes 11 came into being. I've found that I've been signed out of iTunes (not deliberately, I might add!), and when going back in, I've found that SOME OF (not all!) my purchased items are eit... Read More

Kann eine Apple ID-Verknüpfung mit I tunes Match (90 Tage Regel) vorzeitig gelöst werden, um die Mediathek mit einer anderen Apple ID in Match zu verbinden?

Hallo, wir nuzten zu Hause zwei Apple ID, mit denen wir auch jeweils Musik in Itunes über die Zeit eingekauft haben. Ich möchte nun zukünftig die Musik über die Cloud für alle unsere Geräte verfügbar machen. Wie schaffe ich es, dass zum einen die bis... Read More

Jsp precompile

          Hi,           I using weblogic 6.0 sp1 and struts to develop the web application, I deployed           my web application by war file,I want precompile jsp when weblogic server starts           up by defining the following context parameter... Read More

Struts: How to set 'disabled' attribute name using a property in ActionForm

I have the following struts tag: <nested:select property="someProperty" disabled="<nested:write property="screenReadOnly"/>">    <html:options .../> </nested:select> where 'screenReadOnly' is a boolean... Read More