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Exporting artboards. select in document first

On exporting artboards, I`d like to be able to shift select multiple artboards in the document window, or shift select in the artboard palette prior to export... instead of clicking the "use artboards" range function,I'm assuming that you have t... Read More

AICS4 Select Inverse on active artboard

In an AICS4 document with multiple artboards, Select>Inverse selects objects on all artboards. How do you invert selection within the active artboard only?Use locking or hiding to make you selection. Draw a frame around the elements on one artbaord S... Read More

Is javascript capable of exporting specific artboards to a jpg?

I can export a single artboard to a jpg using the GUI but "artboardRange" doesn't do anything when exporting to a jpg. I can use the artboardRange in the pdf save options and that works fine but, while the artboard selection is there in the jpg... Read More

Setting artboard size in an action CS4

I'm converting large numbers of emf files to svg files. In CS3 I can do this simply by recording, open, save as , close. In CS3 it doesn't take account of the artbord in this process so It doesn't matter what the size of the original graphic is, the... Read More

Odd number (pixel) artboard (CS4) crop issue

I have been doing some tests and this is a rather odd issue I seem to be getting and I can't believe this is an Adobe oversight as it's a bit major and must be something I am missing. I am going to explain exactly what I am doing to simulate this sim... Read More

Unable to print some illustrator-files

Hi, •The problem: I have some illustrator-files I can't print. I already tried a lot of different things to make it print (more info below). The files I have problems with all use patterns (non-standard pattern-swatches). 1 group of files use a jpg-p... Read More

Error message - image exceeds size save for web was designed for

When I try to Save to Web in Illustrator CS3, I get the following error message: "the image exceeds the size save for web was designed for". Even when I click that I want to go ahead and save it, it sends another error that reads "could not... Read More

Issues With Save For Web CS6

I'm having some issues with my file when trying to Save For Web. A band of transparency appears above my image even though I have everything cropped to the artboard, and the artboard is exactly the size I want the final image to be. If I uncheck "Cli... Read More

Paste-in Place not working

Hello, I have been having  some problems with past in place for a while. Sometimes this function works perfectly others when I copy (shift+command+c) and try to paste ex an icon into another artboard it simply pastes it in the same artboard, even tho... Read More

How to print out just a section of a map or illustration

Mapmakers, how can I target just a section of a larger map to print out or save separately? I'd like to put just a smaller section of a 28" x 28" map as a sample on the web. I know there is a tool for this but I can't find it.when you do the exp... Read More

How does Illustrator allign and distribute work

Hi I am trying to understand what is happening behind the align and distribute functions in Illustrator. I am working on a PC with Illustrator CS5 I have taken a photograph of a stone wall in to Photoshop: Converted it to grey scale Reduced it with l... Read More

Pattern making

When making a pattern, I drew three stars and dragged them to the swatches panel to make a pattern. Is this the right way to do this? Do I need to also make a square behind it so there is a square behind it? Is that the right way to do it?Either way... Read More

Get artboard of selected item

I have script where I select items on multiple artboard but I can't seem to get get active art board of the selected item. Is this possible? each artboard has a text item and I would like them in the same position on each of their own artboards that... Read More

Script to align selected objects to artboard

Hello, I was wondering if anyone had a simple solution to aligning selected items to the artboard. I was going to create an action but then realized it would be more convenient for me to include it in my script file....I have a script to align object... Read More

How do I jumping from an object selected in layers to that object on the artboard?

I'm working with 27 artboard in illustrator for one project. I would like to select the object I need to get to in my layers panel and have illustrator "jump/navigate" me to the object where it resides on the artboard. Is this possible?This was... Read More

Activate Artboard using selection tool - Not Working in Illustrator CS6

When using Multiple artboards, typically you just need to click within an existing artboard to activate it as the selected artboard.  For some reason this function is not working for me suddenly.  I can still activate an existing arboard in the artbo... Read More

How to use Magic Wand to select in Active Artboard only - CS5

I've run into a problem that I would think already has a solution. I have a layout with 7 artboards, each a variation on a logo design. I want to select a specific color, but only in the active artboard. The Magic Wand would seem to be the right choi... Read More

Cropping offset with artboard "fit to selected art" ?

I have been having this problem for a while now, and did a lot of searching and don't seem to see anyone else having this issue! If I create something in illustrator (in this case, it's a button for a web page), and I create a new artboard and select... Read More

Is there a Tool or function (in Illustrator or InDesign) that selects any shape and "punches" a "hole" of that shape all the way down through multiple objects to the paper or artboard?

Is there a Tool or function (in Illustrator or InDesign) that selects any shape and "punches" a "hole" of that shape all the way down through multiple objects to the paper or artboard?In Illustrator, group the objects that you want to... Read More

Selecting more than one artboard

Hi, Is there any way to select more than one artboard to move them? ThanksUnfortunately, only one artboard can be active at any one time. A workaround might be to draw rectangles to match the size of each artboard, move them all at once, and then con... Read More