Minimizing & Maximizing applet window

Hi Everybody, Can anyone know, how to minimize and maximize the window of the applet from applet? OR Is any html or javascript related scripts is there to do this?Note that there is a huge difference between running an applet in AppletViewer, and run... Read More

Java Geek Question ?

I'm using Paralles to run some medical applications. Even when I used a PC the One Touch and other related software was at best dicey. Anyway, I think that I accidentally replaced the java that runs the care link site: Read More

Warning: [deprecation] getRealPath in ServletRequest has been deprecated

I have extended class HttpServletRequestWrapper for custom implementation I have neither overriden the method getRealPath(java.lang.String) nor has this method been used/accessed anywhere. I still get following warning [javac] /home/pangav1/dev/upgra... Read More

Catching minimize events

I'm running an applet in Pocket IE using CrEme for my VM. My problem is that when IE is minimized, my applet keeps running in the background. I have a thread in my applet that pops up a dialog every so often and I would like to prevent the dialog fro... Read More

Update minimal quantitiy in warehouse via DTW

I want to update the minimal quantity for the default warehose for each Item (OITW table +OITM) הןש DTW. Not all warehouses is automaticly connected to all items. I want to use the DTW. I created an excel files.The first excel file contains the items... Read More

Build Q - minimizing size of applet

hello, I'm writing a charting applet with JFreeChart, which is awesome but large. I've tried both including jfreechart.jar in the run-time libraries, and pulling out the .class files & putting them in my source folder, in the hope that Creator would... Read More

Minimizing impression of applet loadtime

Hi, I am looking for a way to trick the user into getting the impression that the loading of the forms applet is not taking so long :-) Is there a way to for instance load a very small applet that gives some information, progressbar or something whil... Read More

How do I stop OSX from switching to First-Plan when Javascript popup on Minimized Window appear?

I'm running OSX Mavericks 10.9.5, Firefox What happens is that i'm using an automated script with Selenium for automatic-forms-filling. Everything is working fine, just like it does on LinuxMint, but the problem is that when i bring another... Read More

Webutil_host.nonblocking get focus back to applet

When you launch a program using webutil_host.nonblocking(), is there a way to get the focus back to the Forms applet automatically without closing that program? In older Client/Server versions I believe this was possible using the constant SW_SHOWNOA... Read More

Java Applet Constantly Asks for Authentication

With have a ADF application on Weblogic 10 that has occasional access to a Java applet. The Java applet is loaded whenever it's needed and not loaded whenever it isn't in a facet. The applet is currently in the public_html/applet folder. When we set... Read More

Java applets wont load in Safari and constantly crash in Firefox

I have to use Java Applets to work from home. I normally use Firefox as my browser but since the last Java update Forefox keeps crashing. I have tried Safari too and it wont load the applets at all. I am desperate to get some work done but I can't ge... Read More

Applet error with changing variable data after several runs....

Can anyone give some advice on the following: I have a java card program running on a gsm sim: The program makes use of member variables which contain data that is reused and rewritten all the time. The member variables are all declared as (for examp... Read More

Applet launching browser window in Java 6u10+

Finding a problem that appears to be limited to Java 6u10+. We have an applet which opens multiple JFrame windows, and in some cases, the user might click something in the applet that should trigger the browser to show a popup browser window with som... Read More

Swing JComboBox causes scrolling problems in applet

I have an applet with a JPanel that contains a JComboBox that lists font selections for a JTextPane in a JPanel below it. It contains about 12 items, of which only five are visible at a time. If I choose any of the first five and scroll the page on w... Read More

Applet dont show the Components

Hi, I’ve embedded applet in a jsp page. Initially appearance of applet is coming well. After some time during the process of applet , when the browser window is minimized and restored or if we are switching to any other window and coming back to the... Read More

Java Applet vs JavaScript

Trying to find pros and cons for Applet and JavaScript. Anyone know any or a good place to look? ThanksI suppose it depends on what you ultimately want to see. In many ways (many) JavaScript and Applets are not comparable. And you can use Javascript... Read More

Applet stop() and start()

I have an applet that implements Runnable(). In the run() method I draw some things on the screen. The trouble is that each time the browser window loses focus (gets minimized, other window gets opened), the drawings disappear. How can I stop that ??... Read More

Unwanted reloading Applet behavior

I have a dynamic JTree component on an applet and as and when the user uses the application, nodes are added to or deleted from the JTree. But looks like the Applet behavior is to reload the applet everytime it is revisited or minimized/maximized, an... Read More

Is RMI the best way for Applet to Java communications?

I have an application that uses a Java program to read values from a PLC (programmable logic controller) via ethernet. I want to display them in Internet Explorer. Currently, I use SQL statements in the application and an applet to pass the values, b... Read More

How to let Stage size adjust to size of applet ?

Sirs and madams, I need to deploy an app online. There is going to be lots of stuff on the Stage. To keep possible damage to user's eye minimal i would like to adjust the size of the Stage and it's components to the size of the applet. Is such a thin... Read More